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Bring a view of the great outdoors right into your home

Garden windows not only add a sense of depth to your house, but also add significant value
Garden windows add important value to your home.

How big a part of your home is your garden?

You probably spend a good deal of time out there, keeping it tidy and growing a pleasing array of beautiful shrubs and flowers. And you likely treasure your garden as a green and tranquil getaway.

So, it stands to reason you’d want to get the most out of your treasured garden with a set of energy-efficient windows that help showcase it, and even add some important value to your home.

That’s why Ecoline Windows has a special category called “garden windows” in its list of home products.

“All windows included in our garden models come with a high ROI of about 70 per cent,” says Matan Korin, vice president of sales at Ecoline Windows. “They will definitely add to the resale value of your home.”

According to figures from RBC’s Home Value Estimator, home window replacement is one of the top-rated home renovation projects. In fact, they come in second place only to renovations to a home’s kitchen.

But what sets a garden window apart from other windows in rooms found throughout the rest of your home?

Well, a good part of a garden window’s function is to try and bring the best view of your garden right into your home. To help achieve that it should be as large as possible, and designed to capture sweeping views by protruding outward to create a mini greenhouse effect.

To that end, you can consider having a garden window to feature a bay or bow window - one that gently curves outwards to allow more light into your home space, as well as a more encompassing view.

Garden windows make your home an inviting and open place to live. Photo via: Ecoline Windows

In your kitchen, a garden window placed above your sink - a traditional spot in many well designed homes - will give you not only a nice view of the great outdoors or your children playing outside while you do the washing up, but also instill an airy sense of space in your kitchen, and provide a good access to fresh air.

All of that will help make your home an inviting and open place to live and relax.

Some of the factors to keep in mind when planning to install garden windows, as well as other windows around the house, are the associated costs. You should consider window replacement as a major renovation, while also balancing out the estimated return on investment mentioned previously.

Larger windows, such as garden windows, can require more materials and labour than some other windows.

Deciding which material to use for the frames - aluminum, vinyl or wood - can also have an impact. And whatever custom features you opt for - including glass types, special openings, or even shelving - can add to the bottom line.

Just remember, at the end of the day you will have a set of garden windows that will allow you to enjoy the fabulous views that help bring the great outdoors inside and make your home more livable.

Ecoline Windows operates in six provinces and more than 20 cities across Canada, including Regina and Saskatoon, making it your local and reliable brand to supply and install the best variety of vinyl windows and steel/fibreglass exterior doors and patio doors (vinyl) that ensure maximum energy efficiency, noise reduction, and draft prevention.

For more about what they can do for you, visit their website at


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