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Riders Camp Highlights: Pace picks up on day two

The breakout play of the day came during the first teams period of the session when the group was challenged with a two minute drill scenario.

SASKATOON — The Green and White ran onto the turf for day two of the Saskatchewan Roughriders main camp and the kickers got a chance to start off the workout taking turns attempting to split the uprights. 

After a few attempts with a brisk breeze blowing across the field, the team moved into their walk-through broken down into offence and defence. 

This morning’s walk- through was noticeably much shorter as the team broke into their stretch and warm-up period much earlier than yesterday and last week with the rookies. 

Following the warm-up, the teams dashed off into their positional groups for up-tempo drills. 

After the positional period it was back to focusing on special teams footwork. Again, there was a noticeable increase in the pace and tempo to the workout. 

Next up was a punt cover/return drill where players had an opportunity to compete and either limit the return or establish one. 

Following the special teams it was back to the walk through and playbook and concept installation for the defence and the offence. 

The team then paused for a break. 

After 15 minutes, it was back to work with the team split back into offensive and defensive groups going through walk-throughs and various game scenarios. 

After the walk-through, it was time to break down into stretching and another warm-up period lead by Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Farthing. 

Next the team moved back into “Indy” drills. The linebackers worked on pass coverage techniques. The offensive line went to work setting run blocks. The receivers ran various route trees. The DB’s focused on man-to-man coverage leveraging, while the defensive line focused on getting off the ball. 

Pipkin in at quarterback and hands the ball off to Ratkovich again. 

That was the final play of the period. The players then broke down for one-on-ones for the linemen and seven-on-seven for the receivers and DB’s. During the session there were some impressive catches by the receivers, including Jerreth Sterns with a nice reception over the middle to scamper in for a touchdown from 50 yards out. 

After that work it was back to special teams with some work on kick-off coverage and returns. 

After a whistle sounded it was back to a teams period. Here were the plays: 

Samuel Emilus hauls in a pass from Trevor Harris. 

Next play Harris escapes pressure in the pocket, throws near-side to Mitch Picton but the pass is broken up by DaMarcus Fields. 

Next play is a hand-off to A.J. Oulette. His progress is stopped by Adam Auclair. 

Harris pass on the near side is intercepted by Antoine Brooks Jr. who stepped in front of Picton. His return ends up in the end zone. 

Mason Fine comes in to quarterback his pass on the far side is complete after a run fake to Dohnte Meyers. 

Fine’s next pass is a check down complete to Frankie Hickson after a pump fake to a deep target. 

Antonio Pipken is the next quarterback to rotate in his first pass is a long completion to Ajou Ajou.

Pipkin then swings the ball underneath to Dhel Duncan-Busby on a receiver screen pass. 

Pipkin then finds Kalija Lipscomb in traffic for a gain of 8. 

Shea Patterson then comes in and fires a pass on a full rollout to Duncan-Busby that he runs into the end zone. 

Patterson on the next play doesn’t like what he sees, pulls the football down and runs for a first down. 

Jack Coan comes in to play but he is met immediately in the backfield by Caleb Sanders. 

Coan then finds Oulette on a screen-pass underneath. 

Trevor Harris then comes back in. His pass on the far side is complete to Kendall Watson for a first down. 

Harris then finds Emilus in the flat to wrap up the session.

The team then broke it down at centre field to conclude day two of main camp. 


Today’s Weather:

The workout started off with a temperature of 13 degrees, however some lingering smoke and a blustery wind in excess of 50 km/h kept a chill in the air. 

As the workout progressed the wind continued to build challenging the quarterbacks and kickers with some interesting conditions. 


Not on the field:

  • DB – Amari Henderson – DID NOT PARTICIPATE
  • DB – Rolan Milligan Jr. – DID NOT PARTICIPATE


Break-out Play of the Day:

The breakout play of the day came during the first teams period of the session when the group was challenged with a two minute drill scenario. Mason Fine was at quarterback and on a roll out he was able to spot KeeSean Johnson over the middle. The former Fresno State pass-catcher hauled it in and then showed a big burst of speed to slice past the defensive backs for a long run into the end zone. 

The One to Watch:

Micah Johnson – the crafty CFL veteran set a tone with his defensive line group, not to mention was a player to be reckoned with in the teams sessions. His leadership is evident and his unique connection to new Head Coach Corey Mace made him our one to watch today. 

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