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Rider Camp Highlights: The pads were poppin'

Today was the first day of Saskatchewan Roughrider Training Camp with the team in full pads.

SASKATOON — Players jogged out onto the turf for the first time in pads this season with a definite intensity and focus. 

Special teams, punt cover and punt return took to the field first for a walk-through. 

After the session it was on to teams walk-through where the 1’s, 2’s and 3’s on the depth chart had an opportunity to demonstrate and implement additions to the playbook. 

Following the teams period the players headed for the sidelines to begin their individual stretch and warm-up progressions lead by Dan Farthing. 

After the warm-up the team broke down into their positional groups for some skill development and enhancement drills. 

Next, the whistle sounded the music silenced and the team broke into 1-on-1 drills. The offensive and defensive line lined up on the five-yard-line near the north endzone while headed south was the receivers and defensive backs.

Both sessions presented some interesting outcomes. In the battle of the line of scrimmage, the offensive line bested the defensive line, at least according to the push-ups executed by the D-Line at the end of the session. 

Meanwhile, Kian Schaeffer-Baker, Samuel Emilus, Mitchel Picton and Jake Parker made impressive receptions. While Jamar Johnson was able to battle his way through the receiver to pick off a pass. 

After the session was done the team once again broke down into special teams drills. Kick block, firing off the line of scrimmage, and downfield coverage were all emphasized. In addition to the skills, punt/kick block scheme along the line of scrimmage was implemented. 

Next it was an inside run session where the team battled for every inch. Meanwhile at the opposite end of the field defensive backs and linebackers attempted to stop the receivers. 

Three minutes into the period emotion boiled over after an A.J. Oulette run to the near side with Head Coach Corey Mace needing to get into the middle of the assembled players to cool things down.

After that portion of practice was complete the team went back into a special teams session. Downfield speed was the focus with a shift to kick-off coverage at the end of the period. 

Following the special teams drills it was time for the group to break down into a teams period. The plays:

Trevor Harris at quarterback – hands the ball to A.J. Oulette who is wrapped up by Malik Carney. 

Harris finds Shawn Bane Jr. on a slant on the far side for a first down. 

Oulette gets a first down carry and bounces the run outside to his left but he is caught by Jameer Thurman. 

Harris pass complete on the far side to Frankie Hickson he’s met by DeMarcus Fields. 

Next pass Harris has to find a receiver downfield, can’t and checks down complete in the flat to Geronimo Allison. 

Harris pass is complete over the middle to Jerreth Sterns but T.J. Brunson lets up from his linebacker spot as he had Sterns on the trolly tracks. 

Mason Fine comes in to quarterback his first pass is low and skips off the carpet in front of the intended receiver. 

Antonio Pipkin in. Play action pass is complete on the far side flat to Ajou Ajou. Nice completion in traffic. 

Pipkin hands the ball to C.J. Avery, who is able to sneak through a small hole on the offensive line. 

Pipkin tosses the ball on the next play to Oulette who is tracked down by Anthony Lanier II. 

Shea Patterson is in at quarterback. A run pass option play. Hands the ball to Oulette for a first down. More rough stuff after the whistle with Malik Carney in the middle of the scrum. 

Patterson finds Mitchell Picton streaking across the middle of the field for a first down. 

Patterson completes his pass to Geronimo Allison over the top for a long run. 

Patterson finds D’Sean Mimbs cutting across the field for another completion. 

Harris back in. Pump fake, completed ball in the near flat to Geronimo Allison. 

Harris hands the ball off to Frankie Hickson. He is met in the second layer by Deontai Williams for a minimal game. 

Jack Coan in to run the offence. His pass is complete to Shane Bane Jr. 

Frankie Hickson takes the ball on the next play (hand-off) and scampers to the far side for a first down.

Fine’s pass near side is intended for Picton. Holton Hill jumps the route and knocks the pass down. 

Fine’s pass is batted down at the line and it falls incomplete. Miles Brown able to get a hand on it. 

The teams period then came to a close with the offence given a chance to move the ball. 

Harris pass complete for a first down at his own 20. 

Hand the ball off to Oullette for a gain of six. 

Second down pass in and out of the hands of Shawn Bane Junior. 

Second group comes in with Shea Patterson at quarterback. His first down pass off the hands of Ajou Ajou and incomplete. 

Second down Patterson passes over the middle to Duncan-Busby. He is stopped short of the first down. 

Jack Coan now in at quarterback first down and he hands the ball off to C.J. Avery. Gain of five.

Second down pass is complete to D’Sean Mimbs for a first down BUT the offensive line jumped before the snap. Move the ball back 5 yards. 

Second and long and Coan is sacked by Sidney Houston Jr. BUT the defence is off-side. Head Coach Corey Mace stops the drill to emphasize the importance of not taking penalties. 

Coan finds Kalija Lipscomb for a LONG pass for a first down.

The team is called to midfield for Head Coach Corey Mace for some instructions and reminders. 

Harris back at quarterback his pass is complete to KeeSean Johnson. 

Kian Schaeffer-Baker hauls in second down pass for a first down. 

Tempo offence on the field. Harris’s pass slips out of his hands intended for Johnson in the flat. 

Harris pass to Shawn Bane Jr. is complete three yards short of a first down. Lauther on to attempt a 53-yard field goal AND IT’S GOOD to wrap up the teams period.


Today’s Weather:

Partly cloudy skies were anticipated for much of today’s workout with temperatures in the mid-teens (14-degrees) and a light wind from the northeast. 


Not on the field:





Break-out Play of the Day:

In the midst of the teams period quarterback Shea Patterson came on to the field to take reps leading the offence. In his second play from scrimmage he found veteran receiver Mitchell Picton who ran a precise crossing route. Patterson spotted the tall receiver and gunned in the ball for a first down for the offence. A precisely run play. 


The One to Watch:

Offensive Lineman Logan Ferland – entering his third season with the team the former Regina Thunder O-lineman from Melfort, has been challenged to learn all the spots on the offensive line and he has taken numerous reps at tackle, and guard and he is hoping for a chance to show his value at centre. On a day with pads for the first time this season, a lineman HAD to be the one to watch!

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