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Another successful showing for Femsport competitors

Close to 80 athletes take part in annual event on Cordova Street
When the Femsport women’s strength and fitness event made its first appearance in Moose Jaw two years ago, a total of 50 competitors took part in what was still a fledgling competition on the western Canadian sports scene.

Since then, it’s been nothing but bigger and better. Saturday’s showing on Cordova Street next to Grant Hall offered the latest example, as close to 80 athletes from throughout Saskatchewan took part in the various events designed to push competitors to their limits and beyond.

“It’s really good, it’s been a long day but these women are pretty amazing,” said Femsport Moose Jaw organizer Aubrey Shpaiuk of Main Street Fitness and Conditioning. “We’ve got women of all different fitness levels and all different shapes and skill levels. That’s what’s really nice about this competition, it’s for anybody. You don’t have to be an elite athlete, as long as you finish, that’s all that matters.”

The format is similar to what one would see in a crossfit or strongman competition – athletes are put through their paces in a variety of events to test their strength and cardio abilities as much as possible.

All events are timed, with the Moose Jaw slate including 50 box jumps, six tractor tire flips, 15 sandbag burpees, a 23-metre tire pull, five kettlebell carry-and-lifts and the traditional obstacle course.

Competitors were broken into three divisions, including a Masters class for veteran competitors, Novice for first timers and the Open division for those looking for top finishes. Results ranged from sub-minute times across the board for the top Open performers and some who gave it their all but just fell short in the end.

And when it comes down to it, that’s what Femsport is all about.

“We have so many of them putting out maximum effort today,” Shpaiuk said. “A lot of them train for at least 12 weeks before they even come here, so it’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears before they even do the first event. It means a lot to them and that’s why they go as hard as they do.”

There was also a charity component to the 2019 edition, as members of the Rat Pack team, led by breast cancer survivor Sherry Robart, used the competition to raise funds for the Moose Jaw Health Foundation’s Mammography Matters campaign.

In total, seven local competitors took part, part of a growing group of athletes from all over the province who have circled the Moose Jaw Femsport stop on their calendars.

“It’s becoming a pretty popular event, each year the event seems to be growing as the awareness increases more and more,” Shpaiuk said. “We’re getting more and more people all the time, maybe we’ll even hit 100 next year.”

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