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Nat'l charity gives businessman award for helping residents with mobility issues

Christian Horizons, a national non-profit that helps people with disabilities, recently informed Greg Moore that it was giving him the 2022-23 Excellence in Action Award in Innovation for how he goes “above and beyond" supporting others.

Businessman Greg Moore has been helping people maintain their independence for nearly 40 years by providing them with mobility and home accessibility solutions so they can continue to have fulfilling lives. 

That support has caught the attention of Christian Horizons, a national non-profit that helps people with disabilities — it supports former Valley View Centre clients — accomplish their goals and thrive in communities where their God-given gifts are valued and respected. 

The organization recently informed Moore that it was giving him the 2022-23 Excellence in Action Award in Innovation for how he goes “above and beyond by creatively addressing barriers and (discovering) solutions that help the people who use Christian Horizons’ services (in Moose Jaw) to receive the mobility supports they need.”

The non-profit’s annual community meeting occurs Thursday, Sept. 28, in Saskatoon, where it will — among other things — hand out awards to recipients.

Moore works at Motion Mobility and Home Accessibility Products at 319 Main Street North — formerly known as Easy Care Living Centre and Golden Mobility and Rehab Limited. 

This is the second major prize he’s received in his career; in 2022 he was given the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal.

“Honoured. I’m very honoured,” Moore told the Express about this latest award, adding it was also cool because he is likely the only person in the company nationwide to receive this award. 

Many people don’t know whether others appreciate their work, but Moore noted that his wife, Lisa, and two sons commend him and are proud of him, especially since he has been recovering from health challenges over the past few years.

“(I) don’t really do it for the awards. I do it because I love the business. I just love helping people,” he said. “And to get recognized by other people, I’m very touched by that.”

Moore was initially surprised to receive the award and reached out to Christian Horizons. An employee told him they were giving him the award because he does more than he’s asked. 

He replied that he was only doing his job. She said he does more than that because if he doesn’t have the equipment, he gives directions or advice on where to purchase it. 

“And I said, ‘But that’s my job,’” he recalled with a chuckle. “And she said, ‘Well, my job was to give you an award.’”

Easy Care Living Centre began in 1989 under Brian Arnold, who asked Moore — then 25 — to join him. Moore joked that they chose that name after seeing a paint can in the Sears store with that brand — and added “living centre” to the end. 

Moore bought the business in 1992 and owned it until 2008 before he sold it because he was burned out. However, he re-purchased the shop in 2013 because he missed it — the people and friendships, the ability to improve their lives and the joy of seeing them succeed.

He later sold the business in 2021 because of health issues.

Helping people is baked into Moore’s DNA, a result of his childhood — he learned from his aunts to care for others — and his parents’ example. Moreover, he later coached hockey, so he met people of various ages.

“… I grew up here. And I wanted to give something back to Moose Jaw,” he said. “Actually, that’s probably the biggest reason (he enjoys helping others).”

Many people have remained committed to the business for nearly 40 years, with some still referring to it as Easy Care Living Centre. 

“By offering them something new, my biggest joy is seeing somebody come in and then see them leave with a smile on their face. And you just sit there and think, ‘Wow,’” he said. “Or it’s to see how much it’s helped them … .”

“I love people. I just love people. That’s the attachment I have with my store,” Moore continued, joking that his family will probably bury him in the basement because of his attachment to it.

He added that he appreciated the doctors, nurses, nursing homes and hospital for their continued support, which has allowed him to help people maintain their integrity. 

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