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Mayoral candidate Q&A: Wayne Watermanuk

Mayoral candidate Wayne Watermanuk's responses to a Jaw Express questionnaire.
Watermanuk, Wayne 1
Wayne Watermanuk.

The Moose Jaw Express/ sent out a questionnaire to each of the candidates running to be the next mayor of Moose Jaw. We will be publishing these results in order they were received.

The mayoral byelection is set for Wednesday, Nov. 3.  

What would be your top priority as mayor?

My top priority as mayor would be cutting the wasteful spending (doing the same job over and over, referring to patching over patches, fixing a section of sidewalk or street, and skipping a section only to come back a week or three later, do the complete job right the first time).

What would you like to accomplish or see happen in your first 100 days?

In my first 100 days, I would like to accomplish having a more efficient plan in place for repairing roads and sidewalks. I would like to see a plan for the Coteau Street East Bridge and a plan for 16th Avenue and Fourth Avenue bridges.

How can city council be more transparent in its decision making?

I think that city council could be more transparent in its decision-making by listening to what the majority of the citizens of Moose Jaw want, and conduct fewer closed door meetings. I think the citizens of Moose Jaw deserve to know what the city has planned. Too often, city council just pushes things through regardless of what the citizens think.

What do you think about city council spending more on projects than it budgeted for this year? 

It seems all too often the city spends more on projects than is anticipated. We need to find ways to work more efficient and do the job right the first time. We don't need the same street graded three times in one week (for snow removal), while other streets that need it don’t get done.

What do you think about council using surplus account — such as the accumulated account — to pay for unexpected expenses?

As for the surplus account, yes, if unexpected situations/emergencies come up, then we should use surplus funds. Ideally, I would like to see if it would be possible to use some of these funds to pay down the city debit.

Do you think that community beautification initiatives are necessary and should be spent out of surplus funds?

Community beautification initiatives are necessary; I am sure most would agree. And if there was a surplus, I don't see anything wrong with using some of the funds to keep our city looking beautiful.

Your job is to represent everyone in the city. How do you plan to represent people who do not vote for you?

I am really not sure how to represent the people who did not vote for me. All I can say is I will give it my best and listen to the people I feel everyone has a say and it is the mayor's responsibility to listen to the people.

What issue doesn’t receive enough attention in Moose Jaw?

There are many issues that do not receive enough attention. I would say the biggest ones are our roads and bridges.

What issue receives too much attention?

I would say the one issue that receives too much attention would be Mosaic Place losing money. I feel this facility should be treated like any other business. If you keep losing money, you have to do something different, or close the doors. We can't keep throwing money away and I personally can't see why Mosaic can't turn a profit. We need more concerts and events, and hopefully a parkade with an overhead walkway.

What informs your political stance?

No response.

What is something people don’t know about you?

I am not really sure of anything that people wouldn't know about me. I have lived here most of my life, and with dad and I running a business here for 25 years, you get to know a lot of people.