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Letter to the Editor: Minority governments offer major opportunities for regional parties

A letter to the editor from John Thomson, president of the Maverick Party's Electoral District Association for Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan
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On 15 Aug 2021 our newly minted Governor General, Mary Simon, dissolved parliament at the request of the Prime Minister and kicked off Canada’s 44th Federal election. The big question, asked simultaneously by nearly everyone in the country was why?

It didn’t take long for most to realize that without a pressing ballot box question it was nothing more than a vain and thinly veiled attempt by Justin Trudeau to secure more power in the form of a majority government. After all, parliament was functioning reasonably well, a fourth wave of COVID-19 was just starting, most of BC was on fire, and Afghanistan was falling to the Taliban. To say the election call was anything but cynical in light of such events would be a massive understatement.

That said, it was clear to most political observers why he did it; it appeared that the outcome of the election was a foregone conclusion. The Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau enjoyed a sizeable lead in almost every major poll, the CPC struggled to get it’s leader Erin O’Toole known, the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh was busy making TikTok’s, and the Green Party was imploding like a star that’s burned through the last of its fuel.

Fast forward twenty some days into this election campaign and it’s a totally different political landscape, at least when it comes to the polls. The Liberals and Justin Trudeau are now trailing Erin O’Toole and the CPC who appear to be on track to win a plurality of seats in the House of Commons and may even secure a minority government.

But that begs the question, what does that get us either way? Another minority government.

If history holds true that means that we’ll be right back in the same position we are now having another election 15-18 months. Sure, a coalition government of some kind is possible between the Liberals and NDP or CPC and BQ which theoretically could stave off another trip to the polls, but it’s highly unlikely. Even if a federal coalition government came to pass, our own provincial experience with a coalition government in 1999 between the NDP and Liberals only lasted two years. That’s not much of an improvement.

This is our democracy in action, it’s not perfect but it’s what we’ve got. But it’s not cheap and our national coffers aren’t exactly overflowing with funds to pay for these increasingly frequent and frivolous electoral affairs. So what is a voter supposed to do? Do you vote for a legacy party like the Liberals, CPC, or NDP or do you look to the Greens, PPC or Maverick Party?

It’s the latter, the Maverick Party, which I ask constituents with Maverick candidates in their riding, consider lending their vote to. Here’s why.

Minority governments need the support of other parties to pass their agenda in parliament. If even a small group of Maverick MP’s are elected to Ottawa and apply the litmus test of, “is it good for the west?” before deciding whether to support or oppose legislation, then regardless of who forms government, their policies will have to be beneficial to our region or at a minimum not harmful if they want it to pass. This is far more than any other Party, outside of the Bloc Quebecois, can promise their constituents; this is True Western Representation.

By lending your vote to Maverick Party you’re not electing a politician who may end up voting against your best interests when it comes down to a choice between what’s right for you and what they’re told is best for the their party to maintain its power. By voting Maverick you’re changing the dynamics of our politics, you’re giving yourself that power. The Maverick Party and its representatives will only support what aligns with your best interest because that is their core principle.

This election you can have a major impact on a minority government by sending Maverick MP’s to Ottawa. They’re in this for you because they’re in it with you.

John Thomson, EDA President
Maverick Party; Moose Jaw – Lake Centre – Lanigan

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