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Letter to the Editor: Upcoming federal election

A letter to the editor from David Hildebrandt
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Well folks, we are a few days away from one of the most irrelevant, useless, wasteful election campaigns of my 72 years. Justin Trudeau’s only reason for calling this election was his own lust, arrogance and greed for power. There is no other reason. In a year of a total humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan, drought on the Prairies, half of British Colombia burning up in wildfires, major economic problems caused by bad decisions of the Prime Minister and COVID, and COVID itself, increasing inflation — part of that caused by the useless carbon tax that will do nothing to stop global warming, what in the world was Trudeau thinking — that’s assuming he was thinking of anything apart from his own colossal lust for power, arrogance and political opportunism.

Let’s look at the players. For Trudeau and the Liberals — see above. Our local candidate for the Conservatives is former Mayor Tolmie. When I look at him, all I can see is the leader of the Moose Jaw town council who, in the midst of a COVID pandemic, and where town workers got only a one to two per cent raise, the councillors gave themselves a whopping 20 to 30 per cent increase. Where many people lost their jobs or got pay cuts, did any local politician take a pay cut? Not so that you would notice. I would suggest that Tolmie has only self-interest with little interest in working for us. As former mayor, I have seen little evidence of succeeding at that position, and have heard lots of negative stuff — albeit, second third and fourth hand. So, maybe not credible. I wonder about a party that would support gender-specific abortion. That is, in some cultures, males are more important than females, so abort the females in hopes that the next child will be a male. That is the height of immorality. Feminists where are you? Why aren’t you screaming in rage?

Then the NDP. We got a brochure in our mailbox last week in which Talon Regent, the local NDP candidate, claimed that he would fight for us. He listed a number of things where the Liberals had failed, and the NDP would do better. That’s interesting, as Jagmeet Singh and his NDP party have supported the Liberals through a number of votes — propping Trudeau and the Liberals in power. So, it seems to me that a vote for the NDP is a vote for the Liberals. Concerning Regent’s claim to fight for us, I sent him a letter as an attachment to an email, to the email address that’s in his brochure, only to have that email blocked by Regent. So, then I sent him an email without an attachment — again blocked. So really, Regent claims to fight for us, but he wouldn’t even listen when I sent him this letter? Really — Talon Regent, do you really fight for us, if you’re not willing to listen to us?

Finally: the Maverick Party and the People’s Party of Canada. I sent the Maverick Candidate a request with two questions yesterday. I have not heard back yet. To Chey Craik of the PPC I addressed two specific questions, to which I received two specific answers. No political bafflegab.

So, for us, for my wife and I, the coin is still in the air. Mavericks and PPCs, PPCs for Mavericks??? The other three parties have written themselves out of the game.

-- David Hildebrandt   

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