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Letter to the Editor: Disappointed with Sportsnet

A letter to the editor from Noreen Norris.
Letter to the Editor MJT1

This is in response to Ivan Provorov’s decision to opt out of the pre-game skate, deciding not to wear the jersey celebrating the LBGTQ+ community but then playing the actual hockey game following.

I am appalled at the reaction this has caused, especially by the Sportsnet crew ie. Jennifer Botterill, Anthony Stewart, and especially Sam Cosentino.

Explain to me please why it is ok to support one person’s choice and decision to be true to his/her convictions and beliefs, but not okay for Provorov to make a choice based on his own personal beliefs, especially when he said nothing derogatory, but instead said that he respected others and their choices.

This was supposedly a night to honour inclusivity in hockey and life in general and celebrate people of different beliefs but ,clearly, Ivan Provorov was not given the same consideration.  

Provorov has been raked over the coals for standing up for his own religion and beliefs, which he should be respected for. Sam Cosentino said that to say religion is a reason to stand up for our beliefs is “the oldest trick in the book” and that Provorov should explain himself so that he could show that he was “an idiot”. That comment by him was offensive and shows that Sam Cosentino is indeed the ignorant one. Basically he was making fun of religion and what it means to people.  

Tell me why this is ok for a reporter to say these things.   

I respect Ivan Provorov for standing up for his beliefs and convictions instead of just going along with whatever comes along in order not to make waves, even though it obviously wasn’t easy. In a world, where so few do stand up for what’s important, this was refreshing to see. Ivan Provorov, I applaud and respect you!

Noreen Norris

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication.  

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