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Letter to the Editor: City of Moose Jaw Bylaw #5658

A letter to the Editor by Art King
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There is a good reason why the fox doesn’t have keys to the hen house. Why? The fox would kill all the chickens.

The City of Moose Jaw bylaw #5658 did just that. By allowing an elected mayor or councillor the privilege to take a leave-of-absence in order to run for federal or provincial elected positions legitimizes ex -Mayor Tolmie’s actions. This resulted in a taxpayer expense of more than $55,000 to elect a new mayor. In addition, by-law 5658 was passed unanimously.

Furthermore, this bylaw passed first, second and third reading in one sitting which allowed absolutely no time for public input. This destroys the possibility of capturing the cost of a future by-election due to an elected public official resigning.

Our Moose Jaw city council voted seven to zero to approve by-law #5658 even though months earlier they took an oath of office and pledged to perform the duties of their position. This position requires a four year commitment of which remuneration was partially received.

This by-law will essentially allow our councillors to walk away from their moral and ethical commitment.

Art King

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