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Legendary comic returns to Moose Jaw

Derek Edwards is on his ‘In Praise of the Ostrich’ tour
Derek Edwards performing on stage.

MOOSE JAW — Get ready for belly laughs and pure entertainment as the charismatic legend of Canadian comedy, Derek Edwards, returns to Moose Jaw with his new show, "In Praise of the Ostrich".

Edwards will be taking over the Mae Wilson Theatre on June 18, filling it with hilarious stories and personal anecdotes that will leave you filled with laughter.

The "In Praise of the Ostrich" tour started in the Maritimes before moving to different parts of Toronto. Now, Edwards will bring his string of stories, one-liners, rants, and observations to our neck of the woods.

Doors open at 7:30 pm, with Edwards performing for 90 minutes. Tickets are $70 after tax and additional fees.

Edwards is excited to touch on topics he hasn't explored much, like COVID-19 and the pandemic, and the president to the south of us. Edwards explains his routine as “kind of a set”. He likes to feel out the room and make changes based on how the crowd is reacting, adding a layer of improv and spontaneity to his show.

"It's a big dart board of topics, I just kind of throw a couple of darts and see what I hit," stated Edwards.

The name is a look at how Edwards views life, making a bit of a joke of an ostrich sticking its head in the ground for protection. This show allows Edwards to reluctantly pull his head out of the sand and share his feelings on the influx of pot stores, self-driving cars, gambling tips, and the challenge of staying youthful and dressing warm.

"Trouble avoidance is my credo, so the idea of when trouble is on the horizon to stick your head in the sand just really defines my lifestyle,” explained Edwards. “I think, for me, it all filters back to one catchphrase 'ignorance is bliss;' I tell ya’ I've used that as a motivator since I was a young fella."

Edwards has been an icon in the Canadian comedy scene for 30 years. When he was in his formative years in college, he saw the legendary comedian George Carlin performing stand-up. He thought for just a man armed with a stool and a glass of water, Carlin was able to control a room of 1,500 people just by making them laugh and smile.

He said he has never seen anything like it before, no opening act, just Carlin sharing anecdotes on his personal life. That's what sparked an interest in comedy for Edwards. From there, he started attending live shows, not only the big names that would come to Canada but the treasure trove of local stand-ups. Edwards found that we had a treasure of amazing comics here in Saskatchewan. He credits his inspiration from other comics as the reason he decided to take the plunge into the business.

If you would like to check out one of Derek Edwards' past performances for yourself, you can check out this YouTube video here.

If you would like to find out more information about the show, you can visit the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre’s website.

If you would like to buy tickets to the event, you can go to the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre Box Office, or you can purchase them online.


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