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Food survey runs on fake meat product regulations

The survey will run until Dec. 3
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Meat in packaging (Getty Images)

How to label fake meat in the grocery store and butcher shop is the subject of an online survey by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).   

Running until Dec. 3, the survey wants input on consumer familiarity with plant-based meat products and what label information is important to potential buyers.

Government information indicates that 40 per cent of Canadians are trying to place more plant-based foods on their plates.

Sales of plant-based protein products increased seven per cent in Canada in 2016-17.

The CFIA news release said food and drug regulations require simulated meat and simulated poultry products be clearly labelled and meet requirements for composition and fortification.

The agency is looking at regulations on these simulated products, as well as tofu burgers and soy patties.

These regulations are to ensure consumers don’t mistake the products for real meat.

Survey respondents will be asked if such products as lentil burgers, simulated pork sausage and beef flavoured vegan burgers should meet vitamin and mineral standards as real meat.

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association is among agricultural organizations that have asked the term meat not be allowed for simulated meat products.

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