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Consumers want to support local producers: survey

More than one-third of shoppers are looking for local produce more often than before

Consumer shopping habits have changed during the pandemic, according to a Leger survey conducted for the Ontario Produce Marketing Association.

The survey indicates consumers want to support the local producers/retailers when possible and ensure fair trade.

More than one-third (36 per cent) are looking for local produce more often than before, not just to support local farmers but they believe the products are fresher, taste better and have been handled less.

Half the respondents look for fair trade practices when buying.

Most still shop in-person for produce (seven in 10) at conventional grocery stores.

Average number of shopping trips has been reduced to five times a month from six.

Nine in 10 shoppers want plastic packaging reduced. Although 66 per cent want plastic packaging removed entirely, most agree it is important for food safety and waste reduction.

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