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Project time

Wanda Smith believes now is the right time to start that project you've been putting off
On the Front Porch by Wanda Smith

Something that gets my juices flowing is completing projects around the house or yard. Summer is the perfect time to attack that long list of small repairs or changes that need to be done sooner or later.

As I’ve assisted my dad and Hubby in projects over the years, I realized lately that I could probably attempt some fixes by myself without much supervision or help. What got me started was when Hubby was swamped with work and had no energy to continue working on the master ensuite bathroom reno we had begun. I don’t mind being in a renovation mess if the renovation is being worked on but when it comes to a standstill, that is a bit hard to live with day in and day out.

Since our project had stalled, I stretched out of my comfort zone and attempted to continue what we had started. I asked Hubby if he would oversee me as I took it step by step and he agreed.

I demolished the original powder room and took it upon myself to build a wall with sound barrier, vapor barrier, and drywall. It felt so good to be able to attempt and complete that project successfully. Once I had my confidence built, I attempted several other projects including busting out a wall to expand our pantry and am presently building a step/flower bed by our garden shed. It has been such a satisfying feeling to successfully accomplish those projects by myself.  

When attempting projects around the house, start small and build up. I never imagined I would learn how to run a skill saw and cut lumber until the stalled reno moved me into action. I have used a cordless drill over the years for various projects, such as hanging a picture or something of that nature, but this year I moved into screwing studs into the top and bottom plate of the wall I was building, as well as when I hung the drywall. I was thankful I had learned to use that tool in earlier years.  

Make a list of repairs or creative ideas you would like to implement in your home or yard. Once you get started, momentum builds and moves you forward in completing some of those tasks. As you build confidence in your abilities, keep pushing yourself to attempt bigger projects. Recently, I dug out some bricks that had been randomly placed in the lawn by previous land owners (don’t ask me why they were there). Next, I removed some loose rock near our patio door and replaced the rock with the bricks for a safer and more stable entrance. That particular issue has bothered me for three years which, in the end, only took an hour to complete from start to finish and it looks much better, besides. 

I challenge you to start where you are at. Change that light bulb. Paint that shed. Build that raised garden. Plant that tree. Clean out your storage room or have a garage sale. When in doubt, check with YouTube. You will find all the advice you’ll need from experts (or not so experts) online. Or, ask a friend or relative to oversee and teach you as you attempt a new project or skill.

At the end of the day, as God did when He created the world, be sure to take a minute to stop and appreciate what you’ve accomplished. Of course, I must be mindful to mention you must “dial before you dig” if you’re attempting a project that is a bit more involved! 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication.  

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