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Minority looking for friends in low and high places

Joyce Walter pens a letter regarding the federal election
Reflective Moments by Joyce Walter

Dear Liberal Minority Leader and Friends You May Acquire:

With optimism, I congratulate you for winning a minority in the recent federal election. Certainly I understand you would have preferred a majority, but then we don’t always get what we want or feel we deserve.

It is obvious you have work ahead as the party chooses to move forward with your promises to govern for all Canadians, including those in Alberta and Saskatchewan where there is no Liberal representation. We are in a wilderness of blue, with the Conservative leader suggesting he is the leader of a “government in waiting.”

Naturally, you Mr. Minority Leader, hope to keep Mr. Scheer waiting a long time, maybe four years, as you negotiate your way through alliances and unexpected friendships that will give Canadians a chance to study how you will navigate these uncharted waters. Good luck to all of you.

While the hour was too late for some senior citizens and working peolpe to stay up to hear all the leaders speak on election night, it has been reported that most were gracious, although one or two had an edge in their voices that could be interpreted as petty or school-grade-ish. If that is true, shame, shame. That is no way to get your foot in the door to help govern the land.

You likely, Sir, were aware of unhappiness in the land in the immediate days after the results were posted. You won, sort of, but others claimed you lost and will continue to lose face if you don’t roll over and submit to the rude letters of certain premiers who don’t wish to give an inch in their dread of whatever is in store for the country.

Some thoughtful recourse on your part will be necessary to calm the school yard bullies who believe shouting is the best way to grab your attention. But please, be measured in your response, and whatever you do, don’t make promises you can’t or won’t keep.  

I would like to kindly tell you that your promise to raise the Old Age Security Pension by 10 per cent for pensioners 75 years and over is a lovely gesture for pensioners who have reached the age of 75. They certainly will appreciate the extra $729 a year. 

But Sir, have you forgotten the seniors who are younger than 75 and will have to wait almost a decade before being eligible for this extra money? How could you, in good conscience, not treat all seniors fairly and equally? Please explain your reasoning and then reconsider, especially in light of your eloquent words that said seniors “deserve to enjoy their golden years to the fullest.” Right now my golden years are looking mighty blue.

So, Mr. Minority Leader, your actions in the coming months will be watched carefully. Most of us are prepared to give you time to make new friends and get all your ducks lined up. But don’t keep us waiting too long.

And please know that we don’t look forward to another election campaign that will mess with Christmas, Easter, Canada Day, Thanksgiving or summer holidays in the near future. Step carefully and choose to move us forward in a positive manner. 

Thank you.

From: a citizen who wishes you good luck but still thinks she should get a 10-per-cent raise now rather than waiting all those years.

Joyce Walter can be reached at

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication.  

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