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Letter to the Editor: Sask hockey teams attend out-of-province tournament

A letter to the editor from B. Warkentin
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RE: A CBC News article dated July 28, 2020 titled” Saskatchewan hockey teams attend out-of-province tournament under blanket of secrecy”
Then it goes on to state that ” five AAA teams from Saskatchewan with players ranging from 7 to 12 years old travelled to Winnipeg over the weekend of July 16-19 to play in the privately run North American Hockey Classic at several arenas.”

I was disappointed and disheartened after reading this but was not surprised. It is just another example of how our society is spiraling down. It was reckless and irresponsible to participate in a hockey tournament in Winnipeg when there are still a number of COVID-19 cases and our Saskatchewan government stated clearly that there should not be interprovincial tournaments. Then to cheat, change names and keep it hush-hush was inexcusable.

What are you teaching the next generation?     

B. Warkentin 

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