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Letter to the Editor: Paper appreciated by many

A letter to the editor from A.W. Allan
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As city council dismisses communicating with seniors through printed media, the paper is appreciated by many 
I want to commend Robert Thomas for his recent ‘Rhino’s Ramblings - Ready Or Not’ column in the Moose Jaw Express, June 17.

The media has a job to do and City Council has a responsibility to make itself available and accountable to the public through all media. Notice I said City Council – elected politicians.

Councillor Dawn M. Luhning needs to learn a basic rule when it comes to expressing herself: once you put something on paper or in an email it becomes the record. Her comment, ‘I could give a rat’s ass about how MJ Express feels about our virtual meetings. If they have a problem with it, that’s their issue.’  

Whatever happened to trying to work together and accommodate another’s need? Pious is the word that comes to mind, Councillor Luhning. I happen to be a resident who does care and it would be helpful to know how you and other councillors are voting on issues. A councillor’s job is to care, and to care about how residents of our city think when evaluating City Council decisions. As a former director of public affairs for a large corporation, I would suggest you and your colleagues need some media training.

By the way, I am a senior along with many others who do not use social media. Others do not use computers or have email addresses so we rely on the local paper to stay informed. Yet, City Hall likes to use social media to communicate with residents. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the City was to communicate with all residents and keep them informed, and that includes print media.

Stay on the front line Robert Thomas, along with your colleagues.  It’s appreciated by those of us who still like to read and stay informed through the local paper.
-- A.W. Allan

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