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Letter to the Editor: Lessons from Norway

Talon Regent has submitted a letter to the editor detailing what makes Norway a great place to live
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Today marks the first-ever Norway Day in Moose Jaw, thanks to the Moosarandum of Understanding. Today is a day to celebrate all things Norwegian, and there is a lot we can celebrate of our chrome-loving counterparts beyond just their sense of art. 

Norway’s GDP per capita is almost double that of Canada, the average worker’s wage is about $28,000 higher, they have substantially less crime, and they emit half the pollution per capita. That’s just naming a few metrics where we need to catch up to our Scandinavian friends.

In Norway, there is a strong identification with rural culture, emphasizing humility, equality, respect, and simplicity. Importantly, wealth is not flaunted, and people work together for the best interest of the community. These concepts were once important to Canadians as well, but they have recently been replaced by more individualistic ideals like self-sufficiency and the glorification of greed. The Canadian identity is shifting from “we are all in this together” to “I’m in it to win it.”

With the Canadian change in attitude, we have seen our rural communities disappearing, the wealth gap widening, and environmental damage worsening. It has becoming increasingly acceptable in Canada to exploit one’s neighbours for personal gain. 

If we want to transform Canada into the best country it can be, we will have to work together for the revitalization of our rural communities, the wellbeing of our neighbours, and the prosperity of the whole. Key political changes we can take from Norway include pharmacare, a livable minimum wage, and a robust rural development policy.

With five months before the next federal election, take time to research the political parties, learn from Norway’s success, and let your vote reflect that we are all in this together. 

Talon Regent, BBA, JD
Federal NDP Candidate

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