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Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 and communal living

A letter to the editor from Jim Ursan
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[On Saturday, August 8, 2020 it was reported in another online media outlet,] ... “Eight of the 24 new cases and 112 of the 168 active cases are people living in communal settings.“ 

We all know what is meant by “communal living” and “communal settings” and YES it targets a specific group of highly recognizable people in our community. It was reported that there were 23 new cases with 19 being from “people living in communal settings” ... Each day brings more cases aimed directly at this group. Why? Why are they continuing to disregard the rules that most everyone else is making an attempt to follow?

This commentary is not meant to be racist or discriminatory. It is based upon the facts. It is extremely disconcerting and frankly quite terrifying to hear a report concerning a distinctly recognizable group of communal living individuals gathered together in the Moose Jaw mall and not making, at the very least, some attempt to protect themselves from us and, as importantly, protecting us from them by simply wearing some form of PPE (a mask).

In light of all the negative press this communal population is getting it would have reflected upon them (i.e. those living in a communal setting) significantly to set a positive example and show the rest of us that they understand and that they care. We can’t paint all those living within this communal setting with the same paintbrush however, the chances and probabilities that COVID-19 could be present is significantly increased simply due to a choice of lifestyle.

This is a serious situation that must be addressed by any and all means necessary — our lives depend on it.

-- Jim Ursan

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication.  

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