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Letter to the Editor: City Council regarding complaint of derelict property at 1511 Hastings St

Another letter to the editor from Carter Currie regarding an ongoing problem
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I begin with our mayor, who has never responded to an email, but I believe he’s too busy whining about part-time mayors getting paid more than him. Maybe they do more part-time than he does full time. This is the mayor that thinks taxpayers are his piggy bank.
Heather Eby, no contact.              

Scott McCann replied once.

Chrystal Froese replied once but failed to call back.

Scott Warren replied twice; once to tell me Chief Montgomery and I resolved something, but didn’t. Secondly, he could see why we're frustrated.
Both Dawn Luhning and Brian Swanson have been there since the beginning and I truly appreciate their understanding and support.
Brian welcomed me to city hall “Bureaucracy“ in one of two emails.

Dawn Luhning, regarding her last email, she didn’t get back to me. I’ve supported their efforts because of this motion:
Moved by Councillor Swanson, seconded by Councillor Luhning
“THAT any letter or email from a citizen or citizens of Moose Jaw received at City Hall addressed to the Mayor and Council be placed on the following City Council meeting agenda for consideration of Committee of the Whole unless the author or authors of the communication request otherwise. Councillor Swanson requested a recorded vote on the motion. This was defeated. Tolmie, Froese, and Warren against.”
I believe if you don’t at least try you fail, but you should at least try.
The city of Estevan accepts letters and emails from their citizens and they end up on their council agenda; you only have to go in front of council if you “choose too.”
But, I digress, I see Puffalt, is doing the same thing providing misinformation to or lack of information, I like to set the record straight.

carter currie 1511 hastingsSubmitted by Carter Currie

My October 8, 2019 email was to inform him of the following.

  • The handyman hired by Dr. James left a mess of branches on our side of our fence and in James; the yard was also full of branches trimmed from Jame’s trees. (picture included)
  • This mess was left because Dr. James hadn’t “paid the handyman,” she hired to repair the roof, clean out the interior, trim her trees, etc. 
  • This I found out, from a real estate agent from Regina, (not Puffalt), who was taking pictures of the house, and had advised James to sell it as is.
  • This agent knows this handyman and spoke of him in kind and generous terms; he considered him a friend. Unfortunately Puffalt failed to include this information, to you.

Puffalt hired visual landscaping to clean up the yard; it took them three to four days to accomplish the task. I’ve left out some, but Puffalt is welcome to elaborate. 
This I concluded not by notification from Puffalt, but seeing the people in the yard. A common theme from Puffalt, his claim of his experience and talent are on full display in the continued decay of the property at 1511 Hastings St. 
Maybe if Councillors spent more time on the pressing problems of citizens rather then their failure in big business deals or silencing the press, this house would be demolished and a new house on the lot. 
There never seems to be an end or a serious attempt to resolve this situation by council or administration. The house at 1511 Hastings St. is a constant reminder of the lack of decency from council or administration.
Carter Currie

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