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Letter to the Editor: Article recently published — Multiple Sclerosis treatment breakthrough

A letter to the editor from Richard Dowson following up on an earlier article
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Letter to the editor. (Shutterstock)

Dear Editor,

In my recent article about ‘BioNTech’ drug development for People with MS, I neglected to include this statement from the MS Society of Canada:

“While promising, this early-stage research in mice will require considerable testing before it can be translated to humans.”

The statement suggests it could take years for this mRNA technology to be used in human trials.

Let’s hope not.

Pfizer and BioNTech developed their COVID-19 messengerRNA vaccine in months. Let’s hope BioNTech can reduce the development time for a MS therapeutic because the promise of messenger RNA technology for MS is incredible. As Yahoo Finance Reports on BioNTech; “With the MS vaccine, the mRNA technology stops the body's immune system from attacking neurons in the brain and spinal cord.”

Kind regards, 
Richard Dowson

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