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Letter to the Editor: Anti-energy NDP threatens Canada’s prosperity

A letter from MP Tom Lukiwski regarding Jagmeet Singh and the NDP
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Letter to the editor. (Shutterstock)
Dear Editor,
Jagmeet Singh’s NDP has proven itself to be a vehement opponent of Canadian energy. Its radical policies and constant flip-flopping are a major threat to Canada’s prosperity. It’s clear the NDP would destroy our energy industry, and massively raise taxes on Canadian families.
For example, the NDP is against pipeline construction, and Jagmeet Singh has even said that the future of Canada cannot involve the consumption of any oil or gas. It’s shameful to hear a party leader attack our energy sector which employs so many hardworking Canadians.
Meanwhile, Singh supports the job-killing Liberal Carbon Tax, opposes the Trans Mountain Expansion, and keeps flip-flopping on his support for LNG. These radical policies would eliminate jobs, hurt our industries and take more money out of the pockets of hardworking Canadians. 
While the NDP promotes anti-energy rhetoric, Canada’s Conservatives, led by Andrew Scheer, have a strong plan to support our energy industry. We will build pipelines, work on an energy corridor, and help families get ahead. 
Tom Lukiwski, MP