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Hidden treasures

Tending cucumbers led to an important revelation for columnist Wanda Smith
On the Front Porch by Wanda Smith

Cucumbers and tomatoes are the two favorite garden veggies I look forward to harvesting and eating. There is absolutely no store-bought veggie that compares to simple, home-grown goodness we reap from our gardens. The pure, wholesome taste of plants tended with love and watered with gentle rains is better than candy; I don’t think I could ever eat too many cucumbers, the all-star vegetable in my garden. I tend my cukes with care, ensuring they are watered regularly and have good support as they climb the hand-crafted windmill Big Sweet Pea acquired a couple years ago.  

This year, many gardeners across our province said their cucumber plants struggled to produce fruit. For some reason, it seems this was the year that male blooms were prolific and the female blooms were scant. I planted one long English plant at each corner of the windmill but it wasn’t until early September that I saw steady results. After the widespread rain and then the heat, I enjoyed a good harvest of cucumbers before the snow and frost. 

As I was checking my plants one breath-taking Saskatchewan morning, I noticed there was an overgrown cucumber hiding among the leaves. How could I have missed it? This is not the first time. Even though I carefully inspect the plant for fruit, it seems I still miss some of the treasures.

As I pondered this, God reminded me that He has treasures hidden for us. He doesn’t hide them from us; they are discoverable all along. However, we need to take the time to search for them.  

I admit I don’t always want to dig for the treasure God has hidden for His children. I can default to the quick, microwaveable drive-thru mentality and not take the time to discover all that is available for me but God reminds us to “...taste and see that (He) the Lord is good.” The more we feast on His Word and sit in His presence; communing with Him, the deeper we will go. We will find the gems hidden deep within the pages of the Word of God and fellowship with His Spirit. You and I need to move past head knowledge and allow our heart to open up and receive from Him.  “I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.” Proverbs 18:7

The believer’s life is not to be one of striving but it is to be about developing a living relationship in which we communicate throughout the day and night. These do not need to be spoken-aloud prayers of rote. He considers the inner motives of the heart. Even in meditation, the word "sigh" in Hebrew means a dull tone or low sound. It is the condition of our heart not our outward expression that He is looking for.  

Have you heard that story of the little boy who was asked by his mom to sit down? He finally complied but he told her he was sitting down on the outside but he was standing up on the inside. It is a cute story but, in reality, this little boy was not submitting in obedience to her wishes because his heart was not in compliance. Just as this little boy, we may be giving all the outward signs of obedience but only God knows what is going on inside.

This week, let’s seek God’s heart and discover His deep treasures as we take time to lean in and listen to His heart.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication.  

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