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Don Cherry’s suits could generate charitable funds

Columnist Joyce Walter writes about various topics
Reflective Moments by Joyce Walter

Another collection of assorted thoughts on various topics:

Love him or dislike him, Don Cherry has left a mark on many of us. Years ago after watching a movie based on his life, I had a momentary bit of compassion for him, but that was short-lived after hearing some of his rants.

If we ever wandered to his Coach’s Corner time slot, it was most likely to see what strange concoction he was wearing rather than to hear his opinions about European hockey players or the need for fighting in hockey. The time-delay switch had to be introduced to monitor whatever might come unexpectedly from his mouth.

Despite how he riled up the folks, he was still voted as seventh among the greatest Canadians of all time — in company with the likes of Tommy Douglas, Terry Fox, Pierre Trudeau, Lester Pearson, David Suzuki, Sir John A. Macdonald, Alexander Graham Bell and Wayne Gretzky. Good for him.

So now he’s gone from Canada’s hockey show after his latest rant in connection with people who don’t spend $2 to buy and wear a poppy. (A paraphrase of what he said without the racial overtones.)

Now without his weekly fashion show stage, how about an auction of Don Cherry suits with the proceeds going to the Legion poppy fund? 

It is ironic, that while our Southern neighbours were glued to their televisions to hear about their “Donald,” Canadians were watching the drama unfold with our own “Donald.”  Strange times we live in. My prediction is that we have not heard the last from Don Cherry.


Road rage is more likely in a parking lot than on the actual roads. A driver had her signal light on to turn into a parking spot as soon as the occupying car had moved along. Before she could make the turn into the spot, another driver in a smaller car whipped into the spot.

A conversation ensued in which the parking spot thief revealed he had not taken driver training and therefore did not know, nor care, about parking lot etiquette. 
In the same parking lot on this day, spots designated for handicapped parking were full, two of them apparently by drivers who should have parked elsewhere or to give them the benefit of the doubt, had forgotten to display their placard. During the Christmas shopping season, let’s all take care and be kind to each other in parking lots across the city.


  • Congratulations to: Moose Jaw Royal Canadian Legion for once again organizing a well-run Remembrance Day service at Mosaic Place and the related poppy fund campaign. Money raised for the fund is used for local projects that support veterans and men and women in service to their country.
  • Congratulations to city schools that held Remembrance Day ceremonies, engaging students in why it is important to always remember the consequences of wars and the ultimate sacrifice of lives.
  • Congratulations to the Moose Jaw Rotary Club for once again presenting the annual carol festival at Zion United Church. The festival is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and we await the lineup for the three days of Christmas music, this year Dec. 9 to Dec. 11.
  • Congratulations to all the organizations involved in planning and carrying out the dozens of trade shows, bake sales and seasonal celebrations from the end of October right through to days before Christmas. There’s no excuse for anyone to suggest “there’s nothing to do in Moose Jaw."
  • Finally, congratulations to the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Club for once again stepping forward to sponsor the Santa Claus Parade to take place Dec. 1 at 6 p.m. The parade will gather at the parking lot of the former Zeller’s department store, head down Main Street then turn right onto High Street to end up at Mosaic Place for the Lights On ceremony. Local organizations, businesses and individuals are invited to enter the parade.

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