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Cause to celebrate

Publisher Rob Ritchie praises SaskPower's decision to move forward with the natural gas project
Rob's Raves

Nothing sounds better to the citizens of Moose Jaw than a positive announcement from Sask Power which reads:


"We’ve decided to move forward with the natural gas power station project in Moose Jaw!

Based on our studies, building this power station's still the most economic choice. That’s because it'll help provide reliable power to the people of Saskatchewan. However, this facility will be subject to new federal gas regulations released in June 2019."

There is little doubt this required more work than most to finalize, especially after the new federal regulations were released from the Federal Government in June of this year.

I honestly thought this was a non- starter after that, so a pat on the back has to go to all that continued to work on this, mainly being as issued in a city press release, “Premier Scott Moe, Minister Responsible for the Environment and SaskPower, Dustin Duncan, and our local MLAs, Greg Lawrence (Moose Jaw Wakamow) and Warren Michelson (Moose Jaw North) for their communication through this process. We appreciate their efforts to ensure the vision for this project in Moose Jaw becomes a reality.”

I must also offer congratulations to the mayor, council and administration to see this through to fruition.

The deal will encompass approximately 109 acres and may just be the anchor tenant to finalize the Carpere land deal, set to close, barring any further extensions by the end of February 2020.

This is a positive announcement for the economic stability of Moose Jaw and district, a job well done.

Robert Ritchie, 

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