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A time to stop and say “thank you so much”

Joyce Walter takes time to reflect and to give thanks
Reflective Moments by Joyce Walter

In today’s society, we all sometimes take for granted what we have, seldom questioning how such largess came about, simply accepting it as our right in life. As Thanksgiving approaches, it behooves us to pause and reflect and offer appreciation for our bountiful lives.

I give thanks for:

  • A loving husband (Housemate) for nearly 50 years.
  • Parents who led by example and taught that hard work pays off and that money is not the most important item in life.
  • Siblings who tolerated a much younger sister who always wanted to tag along on their grown-up activities. 
  • School friends who have remained friends all these many years later.
  • Lloyd Stewart, Annie Peterson, Mable Gamble, Norma Lawson, Mary Barber, Mary Smith, Jack Mackie, Gordon Gray, Dorothy Shillington, Leona Shillington, Walter Weinheimer — teachers from Grade 1 to Grade 12 who taught their lessons with patience and enthusiasm.
  • The late Ray Guay, who gave me my first job in the newspaper business, and to the other publishers and owners who offered me the opportunity to continue writing about the community.
  • Moose Jaw organizations who have enriched my life through their willingness to work with me in presenting their messages to the public.
  • The doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and other medical professionals who have seen me through a variety of aches, pains and surgeries to keep me moving — slower, but still mostly upright.
  • Ambulance attendants who have transported me to Moose Jaw and Regina hospitals, always apologizing for the sometimes-bumpy ride on city streets and provincial highways. And for providing those lemon-flavoured swabs with which to moisten dry lips.
  • Churches and schools that teach the necessary lessons for both children and adults.
  • Men and women who offer their services as councillors, MLAs and MPs, knowing it is sometimes a thankless job but still coming forward.
  • Coaches and parents who recognize the value of team work and spend countless hours teaching youngsters how to play, win and lose.
  • Music, dance and drama teachers who nurture a love for cultural activities. That include the late Margaret Garner who did her best with me, teaching me well enough that I still remember the first two or three bars of a spirited Cattle Call.
  • Store clerks and other front-line servers who deal with a variety of customers, some of them demanding and others who are simply rude. Service with a smile is sometimes a hard-to-follow rule.
  • Military personnel and families at 15 Wing for their service to their country and in missions at home and overseas. 
  • Hairstylists and beauty experts who make their clients feel beautiful, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Agencies such as Moose Jaw & District Food Bank, Transition House, Hunger in Moose Jaw and Riverside (Souls Harbour) Mission for their work in assisting those among us who unfortunately need such services.
  • The Moose Jaw Warriors, our hockey team that offers a chance for fans to watch young players develop into potential NHL stars. If only some of those loud armchair goalies and defencemen would find seats in another section. Sigh.
  • And to others I might have not specifically mentioned — thank you for making all our lives so much better.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.
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