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Congratulations to Ben Azouzzi on a double run of hole-in-one golf, not even two weeks apart

Ben Azouzzi made three hole-in-one shots earlier this year
ben azouzzi holes in one

Ben Azouzzi resides in Moose Jaw but is a ‘snowbird’ to Arizona during the winter. Ben loves to golf and has spent many hours at both the Hillcrest and the Lynbrook golf courses here in town, as well as many other courses throughout the province.

January 23 of this year Ben was as usual enjoying the warm desert air of Chandler, Arizona on the Bear Creek Executive golf course with his buddies. Playing the 157 yard 8th hole he watched his ball roll across the green until it disappeared into the hole. He had achieved the rare accomplishment of a hole-in-one.

That represents quite a feat for any golfer but it gets better than that; playing the 6th hole at 100 yards on Feb. 4th on the same Bear Creek course he did it again. Now once is a golfer’s dream but twice is more than most golfers could imagine.

This is a truly amazing story but now it really goes beyond that because just five days later Ben scored another ace at the same 6th hole playing at 89 yards.

Three hole-in-ones in less than three weeks. It’s impossible to calculate the odds of this happening but let’s just say it is rare beyond measure. 

Making a hole-in-one is undoubtedly difficult. In fact, the estimated odds of an average player making a hole-in-one are 12,500 to 1. A hole-in-one is only scored on average of once every 3,500 rounds, showing how particularly hard they are to come by.  

Apparently, Ben either doesn’t know what the stats say about how unlikely it is to score an ace or he doesn’t care. The three aces described above were the eighth, ninth and 10th of his playing career.

Ben failed to mention how much it has cost him for the traditional beverages he has had to buy for those who have helped him celebrate these remarkable milestones.

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