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This week's editorial

Editor Joan Ritchie's editorial from this week's issue of The Moose Jaw Express.

I had a little bit of a chuckle this past week during our morning coffee. As usual, the hubby gets up an hour or two earlier than I do and briefs himself on what’s going on in the world each day. Then when I get up, he has lots of ammunition for riveting conversation.  

On this particular morning, the topic of conversation was about two life essentials- briefs and lipstick… I guess from a female perspective, I wouldn’t exactly say I wear briefs but rather a feminine version of the said kind. Fyi, I never leave home without a pair or my lipstick.    

I’ll debrief you on the topic.  

Apparently, early indications of a recession looming overhead forecasts purchases of underwear and lipstick as high indicators.  

On the Forbes website, an article says, “In beauty circles, the Lipstick Effect, also called the Lipstick Index, is claimed to be the category’s leading economic indicator. The concept is that in times of a recession and other economic stresses, women will indulge in discretionary purchases that provide an emotional uplift without breaking the budget. Lipstick fits the bill.

“While the lipstick effect may not hold much sway in traditional economic circles, new data from global market tracking firm NPD Group finds sales of lipstick and other lip makeup grew 48% in first-quarter over previous year, more than twice as fast as other products in the beauty category.

“And lipstick sales keep on growing week-by-week with prestige brands taking a bigger share of sales than the mass-market brands. Women are also picking up brighter, more dramatic colours this year, rather than muted, natural looks.”

Apparently, former Federal Reserve head Alan Greenspan was said to have a keen interest in men’s underwear. He once said,“… the garment that is most private is male underpants, because nobody sees it except people in the locker room, and who cares?”

Those sales are usually stable, “so on those few occasions where [the economy] dips, that means that men are so pinched that they are deciding not to replace underpants.”

Well, I think that is where men and women are different. I think that most women like pretty underwear, even if only a very select few get to see them. Whereas, I think a lot of men do feel they can get by in threadbare skivvies that are almost see-through, and I bet the men’s locker room just might be the place to see numerous versions of what-is and what-is-not acceptable in briefs or boxers when it comes to covering the crown jewels. I can only imagine! 

Here are a few other notable things that may help to indicate the times we are living in:  

  •     Consumers spend to enhance the in-home experience
  •     Online shopping surges
  •     Bargain-hunting is all the rage
  •     Brand loyalty counts for more than ever

As far as I am concerned, the in-home experience may be enhanced by a new pair of undies that one can purchase online and even at a bargain price, but for sure brand loyalty is of the utmost importance.    

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication.