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TeleMiracle 48 raises over $6M to support those not covered by insurance, health care

On Feb. 25, TeleMiracle 48 concluded in the province and surpassed the five-year average with $6,112,717 raised in support of individuals who face medical expenses not covered by insurance or government health-care programs
Together with support from generous donors across the province, TeleMiracle 48 raised the third highest amount in the telethon's history at $6,112,717.

On Feb. 25, TeleMiracle 48 concluded in the province and surpassed the five-year average with $6,112,717 raised in support of individuals who face medical expenses not covered by insurance or government health-care programs.

TeleMiracle 2024 took place at the Viterra International Trade Centre in Regina and the phones kept ringing to raise the third highest amount in the history of the telethon fundraiser.

“I was just talking to the committee. I think everybody was quite pleased when the total came in,” said Al Proust, a member of the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Club and this year’s transportation chairman for TeleMiracle 48.

Proust said TeleMiracle provides a huge advantage for individuals who cannot meet their growing financial needs alone with regard to medical expenses. As a “funder of last resort,” TeleMiracle provides an option not usually found in other provinces and territories.

This, as Proust pointed out, means that some individuals may fall through the cracks in those areas and may have also done so in Saskatchewan had TeleMiracle not been here to assist.

“We’re pretty fortunate to have that option in Saskatchewan. (This is) due to the generosity of the Saskatchewan people and Saskatchewan businesses that step up and find it in their hearts to make it a priority to help others,” he added.

The chairperson for TeleMiracle 48, Tyler Hall, also shared this optimistic viewpoint.

“This year went really smooth, and it all came together with the amazing volunteers we had… (and) we raised $6.1 million for the people of Saskatchewan who need it the most when they are down on their luck…,” he said.

TeleMiracle has been ongoing since it began in 1977 and has raised more than $165,112,717 to date.

Those who need help covering medical expenses can apply for the program on TeleMiracle’s website,, and those who meet the organization’s qualifications may be able to receive financial support.

“(Proceeds) go to… those who have had either bad luck or some sort of medical condition or health problems that required them to have specialty equipment like wheelchairs…,” Proust explained.

This includes any home accessibility upgrades such as ramps, lifts, and other features.

The screening process is carried out by a foundation committee who meets every month to review requests and make sure all applicants meet the eligibility criteria.

In the days leading up to the big show, several volunteers and entertainers work to spread awareness and build hype for the fundraiser.

“We had the national cast singing live this year, and the TeleMiracle house band live right on stage, which really brought the atmosphere right back to the show,” Hall said.

“We had the audience… this year pumping everybody up and cheering on all the cast and all the (local) talent, so it was great. The atmosphere was really good this year.”

The invaluable support offered through TeleMiracle each year wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and selfless contributions of thousands in the province, including individuals, families, and businesses.

This includes the roughly 500 volunteers from all over the province who came together to make TeleMiracle 48 a success.

Yearly support for TeleMiracle is also made possible thanks to countless hours volunteered by members of the Kinsmen and Kinettes Clubs in Moose Jaw, Regina, Mortlach (Parkland), and Assiniboia.

“I would like to thank the community of Moose Jaw and every (community) in the whole province who came together to make this event a success,” Proust said.

“Without the support of the community and the individuals who either donated time, food, vehicles, or gas – any sort of support – this wouldn’t be a success. Thank you to all the people of Saskatchewan who contributed to this event.”

Hall also had a few words of thanks for those who helped make TeleMiracle 48 possible.

“I want to say thank you to the people of Saskatchewan (who), with their generosity, donated this money to help people in need… they got to help out people (who cannot afford medical equipment or other expenses),” said Hall. “It really means a lot.”

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