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Take a walk and educate with Story Trails

Free family fun is back with Story Trails
chris hadfield
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

In the not too distant past and in the midst of the pandemic, the Moose Jaw Public Library undertook a new initiative to encourage the public to read more and get some exercise at the same time. 

Story Trails is a self-guided walk to focus on building literacy and improving children’s focus when it comes to literacy skills.  Reading a story while going out for a walk with your family is thought to encourage both of these skills.  

Children’s librarian Tina Dolcetti chooses which books to feature and where to have the trail. She then asks businesses to participate by putting laminated pages of the book in the windows trusting that the story trail followers will see the trail and follow it.  Pages from a chosen book are numbered and posted or pegged into the ground. The posts lead in a direction that readers follow as the story unfolds. 

“It is free family fun,” she says. “It’s about fun. Sometimes it’s difficult to have fun [these days]!”

Having a phone is not necessary to participate in the story trail event but there is an optional QR code survey at the end of the trail.

“The Darkest of Darks,” a story written by Chris Hadfield was featured during a recent story trail. The story entails how Hadfield was inspired as a young child to become an astronaut. The main reason Dolcetti chose to feature Chris Hadfield’s story is to support him as a Canadian author and astronaut.

“Story trails have been well received, even in Crescent Park,” added Aislinn Lawreniuk, another employee of the library.

“I would like to see more Story Trails happening while families continue to stay safe and well. Hopefully the pandemic will end soon. Keep learning during the pandemic and reading, keep on keeping on,” added Dolcetti. 

Keep your eyes open for upcoming story trails later this year.  Those who are interested can call the library at 306-692-2787 for more information.  

A big thanks you to Flattop Automotive for donating money this year to the summer reading club in assisting the purchase of additional books and prizes.  

The Moose Jaw Public Library is constantly in need of donations to continue to support these events.  “If people would like to donate they can donate to the Friends of the Library; a donation box is available at the front desk."