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Some southwest crops yielding half the provincial average

With just over half the crop in the bin, Saskatchewan crop yields are all over the map

With just over half the crop in the bin Saskatchewan crop yields are all over the map, depending on drought and rainfall.

Spring wheat yields average 42 bushels an acre across the province but in the drought-riddled southwest yields average 28 bushels an acre. 

In the southeast, including Moose Jaw, spring wheat is running  at 41 bushels an acre.

Canola, averaging 31 bushels an acre in the province, runs at 33 bushels in the southeast, only14 bushels in the southwest which includes the area from Central Butte to Assiniboia and Coronach.

Lentils average 1,058 pounds an acre with southeast yields of 1,681 pounds and a mere 714 pounds in the southwest.

Durum averages 23 bushels, 37 in the southeast and 23 bushels in the southwest.

Average yield on peas is 30 bushels an acre with 37 in the southeast, 17 in the southwest.

Oats runs at 79 bushels across the province with 73 bushels in the southeast, 30 in the southwest.

The southeast barley yield at 58 bushels an acre is one bushel better than the provincial average. The southwest yield is 25 bushels.    

Provincial average for mustard is 599 pounds an acre with 469 in the the southwest and 1,373 in the southeast.

Flax averages 19 bushels in the province with 23 bushels in the southeast, 10 bushels in the southwest.

By the end of the Labour Day weekend, farmers had harvested 60 per cent of the crop, up from 31 per cent a week earlier. Long-term average completion is 33 per cent. 

The southwest was 81 per cent done with three per cent used as livestock feed.

The southeast was 49 per cent done with 21 per cent complete in the rainy northwest and 60 per cent in the west central region.

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