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SFL launches the 'Ready for Work' app

Preparing students for a healthy career
Ready to work app
New app from SFL and WCB

As technology changes, students are expected to keep up with knowing all the ins and outs of personal growth, social expectations and future on-the-job etiquette. But knowing their health and safety rights is vital in achieving a healthy career.   

A new mobile application is being launched to help young workers understand their rights. In cooperation between Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) and grant funding provided by the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board (WCB), the new app is designed to help young workers understand their rights while on the job.

The “Ready for Work” app teaches young workers about health and safety hazards, the right to participate in finding and controlling workplace hazards and the right to refuse unsafe work. The app also includes information on harassment at work, mental health in the workplace, how to identify hazards and how to join a union.

“It’s crucial that young workers are aware of their rights while on the job, and have the information they need to ensure that they are safe at work and being treaty fairly by their employer,” said SFL President Lori Johb. “Having this app at their fingertips will not only make them safer but make workplaces across the province safer as well.”

This app is designed for high school students who will soon be entering the workforce, which will be introduced in class as part of SFL’s “Ready for Work Program.” However, Johb encourages everyone to download the app and take the quiz to learn more about their workplace rights and occupational health and safety. 

“While meant for young workers, the app contains vital information for everyone, whether you are a frontline worker in health care, a cashier at a grocery store, a server in a restaurant, or work in a trade, the “Ready For Work” app has information relevant to workers across all sectors and in every corner of the province,” Johb said. “Even if you know about your rights at work, I encourage everyone to download the app and learn more about how to stay safe while at work.”

Knowing your rights is valuable to both you and your coworkers. When everyone is on the same page, uncertainty is replaced with knowledge and resolution.

Take the time to learn your rights. If you have concerns, start with the “Ready for Work” application. The app is available for both Apple and Android users and can be found by searching “Ready for Work” in the App Store.