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SaskWater donates to Habitat for Humanity’s next build

Habitat for Humanity to build its 9th home in Moose Jaw

As Habitat for Humanity gears up for another busy year to build its ninth home for a lucky Moose Jaw family, SaskWater has stepped up to give a generous donation to the group to kick start their fundraising initiatives.

On Wednesday, February 7th, SaskWater presented a cheque of $5,000 to Habitat for Humanity, Moose Jaw to assist in the creation of a safe and affordable home for a Moose Jaw family later this year.

Doug Matthies, president of SaskWater, made the presentation at SaskWater’s head office here in Moose Jaw.

Courtney Mihalicz, manager of corporate communications at SaskWater, says they have had a partnership with Habitat for Humanity for several years as they support their initiative to create homes for families.

“SaskWater has been supporting Habitat for Humanity over the past few years with sponsorship of the Colour Run. We’ve seen how the local group has grown and the success they’ve had with their builds in the past and we wanted to find a way to become more involved and make a bigger impact,” Mihalicz said. “So, we’ve decided to support the next build in the amount of $5,000.”

She says SaskWater’s involvement in supporting Habitat for Humanity also allows their employees to be more involved by volunteering at the builds.

“With that, it also provides us with the opportunity to offer volunteer opportunities for our staff. It’s always great to be able to sponsor something and have our employees feel a part of it too. We’re looking forward to being able to help on site once building starts. Being the only Crown corporation with our head office in Moose Jaw, we do make it a priority to support local initiatives like that of Habitat for Humanity’s. We are really happy to be part of it and that we’ve been able to create this partnership.”

Heidi Tiller, co-chair for Habitat for Humanity Moose Jaw’s Fund Development Committee, thanked SaskWater for their continued support.

“SaskWater has been a fantastic partner over the last few years and now with this very generous $5,000 donation, it is one of the reasons that Habitat for Humanity has been able to build more homes in Moose Jaw. They not only donate their money but also their time to come out and help with the builds that we’ve had. We thank them for their support, and we look forward to continue building our relationship with them while building more homes here in Moose Jaw.”

Habitat for Humanity has built eight homes in Moose Jaw so far.

“We will be breaking ground in the next month at 900 Ominica Street West and begin building the ninth home, a two story, single dwelling,” Tiller said. “We are in the middle of fine-tuning the details of our next project (build), which we will be making an announcement about soon. Without a doubt, our next build will be a safe, decent and affordable home to support a Moose Jaw family.”