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Saskatchewan's future of global trade

Saskatchewan's international offices provide students with opportunities to navigate international business and increase trade avenues

Saskatchewan is a wealth of resources sought after on the international market from fertilizers and agriculture to forestry, oil and more.  Over the next five years, the Saskatchewan government is initiating the “International Education Strategy” to bring Saskatchewan's post-secondary students to an international level of growth and leadership. 

"The strategy developed in partnership with the post-secondary sector will assist institutions to attract international students in innovative ways while meeting commitments outlined in Saskatchewan's Growth Plan," Advanced Education Minister Gene Makowsky said. "International education is a major contributor to the Saskatchewan economy and this strategy will help position the province as a destination of choice for international students."

International students are being offered an education at our post-secondary institutions to learn and share cultural strategies. While Saskatchewan students going abroad are given the opportunity, in collaboration with international trade offices, to build leadership, language and international trade skills. With both our post-secondary students and international students crossing over to learn each other’s skill set, we then open ourselves up to new growth and branding on a global scale. 

"Saskatchewan's strong network of eight international trade and investment offices will be key to supporting this significant strategy around the world," Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison said. "Taking Saskatchewan to the world and bringing the world to Saskatchewan helps increase exports and attract investment, and it further positions our province as a leader in international education and research opportunities, creating jobs and driving economic growth in communities right across the province."

The International Education Strategy ensures the education sector is prepared to meet the commitments outlined in the Saskatchewan Growth Plan by making Saskatchewan the international education of choice. International students bring innovation through global perspectives, while students studying abroad develop trade relationships, global interests and connect Saskatchewan to the world.  

With the new initiative, Saskatchewan will hold leading placement in the international markets by developing strategic partnerships and increasing our province's global presence through recruitment and branding missions. Other strategies will include the International Education Practitioner Program to support training that will provide students with a consistent experience. It will also promote growth and sustainability in post-secondary French language programs through recruitment in key French-language markets.

In addition, for students and their families that are planning to study abroad, the Saskatchewan Student Ambassador Program will launch in early 2022. A “Discover Saskatchewan” learning opportunity will also be offered to prospective international students, families and agents in the summer of 2022.
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