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Saskatchewan RCMP - Protect your valuable farm equipment this fall

Keep your farm equipment safe from theft while in storage
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This summer, Saskatchewan RCMP received reports of thefts of agriculture-related items in rural Saskatchewan costing farmers thousands of dollars. The necessary storing of farm equipment in the fall can also create opportunities for thefts.

As another harvest season is coming to an end, here are a few precautions you can take to prevent the theft of farm equipment while it is in storage: 

•    Remove all portable items (tools, GPS systems, radios) from inside your machinery as these are very attractive to thieves. If you cannot remove some items, record their serial numbers, mark them and take pictures of them so they can be identified if they are stolen and recovered.
•    Move all equipment indoors. If this is not possible, store it in a well-lit area visible from your house but out-of-sight from the main roads. 
•    Install motion-sensor security lights or timer lights that turn on at sundown to discourage trespassers.
•    Keep an inventory of your equipment that includes descriptions, serial numbers, makes, models and pictures.
•    Walk around and check tractors, combines and other machinery regularly for signs of break-ins or damage.
•    Report thefts to police immediately.

To report thefts of farming equipment, or any other thefts, call your local RCMP detachment. You can also report thefts and damage under $5,000 online at

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