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Sask. Polytech offering new Indigenous courses online

Sask. Polytech has launched two new Indigenous-focused courses for National Indigenous History Month
polytech flexible learning
Both of the new courses are part of the Flexible Learning program at Saskatchewan Polytech. (photo by Larissa Kurz)

Following its commitment to the renewal of relationships with Indigenous communities, Saskatchewan Polytechnic has announced that there are two new Indigenous-focused courses offered in its catalogue.

Indigenous Studies will be delivered fully online and will provide students with an introduction to the Indigenous cultural groups within the province, as well as the history of colonization in Canada and the current issues surrounding reconciliation. 

It is a non-credit course, estimated to take about 15 hours through self-guided instruction, and will result in a statement of attendance from the institution.

The second new course, titled Colonization to Resilience, is also online and features four hours of instruction at no cost. Described as a leadership course, participants will look at leadership styles incorporated in Indigenous communities across Canada, as well as identity distinct language groups and learn their stories about moving forward in a positive way. 

The content of the new courses was developed with the help of Indigenous leaders, who will also help with the delivery as well.

Sask Polytech has announced these courses near the end of National Indigenous History Month, to offer insight into the value of Indigenous history, culture, and leadership.

“Indigenous people are an important part of our Sask Polytech community,” said Deanna Speidel, interim director of Indigenous Strategy. “These courses, launched during National Indigenous History Month, will help our community, business, and industry connections develop their knowledge and understanding of Indigenous peoples’ worldviews, history, and leadership styles.”

Both courses are available now and are part of the institution-wide initiative to provide positive change and offer Indigenous students ways to see their perspectives reflected on campuses.

Indigenous Studies first ran during the month of June, alongside National Indigenous History Month in Canada. The course will be offered from July 1 to Aug. 28 next, with a registration deadline on Aug. 14.

Colonization to Resilience is available to take any time between now and Dec. 30.

More information about both courses can be found online, which is also the place to register for both courses.