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Sask Enduro Series mountain bike race set for this Sunday at Buffalo Pound

Over 100 riders from all over western Canada set to take part in downhill races at local provincial park
Sask Enduro Series
There will be plenty of high-speed action at Buffalo Pound when the Sask Enduro Series hits the trails.
The Buffalo Pound mountain bike trails will see one of the largest gatherings of riders in the province in nearly a decade as competitors from all over western Canada take part in the Sask Enduro Series downhill racing event.

More than 115 riders had registered for the competition as of Friday afternoon, with organizer Matt Froehlich expecting to see riders of all skill levels taking to the mutli-stage timed race beginning at 11 a.m. on Sunday.

“We basically had two years with no events other than a bit of charity racing going on here and there, and they hadn’t had any Sask cycling events down there due to COVID, but with the easing of restrictions we’ve been able to put together a few different events,” Froehlich said. “And it looks like Buffalo Pound’s notoriety is coming across well, we’re expecting it’ll be one of the biggest events in the province in the last 10 years or so.”

The enduro race format sees riders timed over four to seven descending stages, with the lowest cumulative total time emerging as the winner. The event’s popularity stems from the combination of technical aspects and a family-friendly format.

“It’s really good that way because parents and sons and daughters and everyone in between can ride together because at the end of the day the climbing part doesn’t matter,” Froehlich explained. “You need a certain amount of fitness, but it’s not that hour-and-a-half maximum effort you see from cross-country racing. So you could reach the top of a stage and dad can go first, then son or daughter can go second and they can talk about how it all went at the bottom and as they go on to the next stage.

“So it’s a really social way to spend a day on the bikes together.”

That’s not to say the best riders won’t rise to the top -- downhill racing is a skill set all its own especially at the highest levels.

“When it comes to cross-country racing, there’s been a lot more emphasis on technical skill and ability and enduros have become a good format for highlighting technical skill because nine out of 10 times it’s the best overall rider who finishes well,” Froehlich said. 

The race will mark the latest positive look for the Buffalo Pound trail system, which has been busy as all get out throughout the summer months and into the fall.

“The sheer volume of people using the trail system these days is amazing, and it’s thanks to COVID which is something you don’t get very often,” Froehlich said. “It kind of pushed people outside and helped them enjoy those activities a lot more. So just with increased traffic from COVD, the trails are in excellent shape.”

Developments at the provincial park will only enhance the experience in the future -- the upper ski chalet is currently undergoing renovations to become a visitor centre, and through the work of local supporters and a generous donation from Cabelas, a brand new skill/flow trail has been built right next to the chalet.

Cabela’s is also currently running a donation program where rounded-up purchases see the difference go into a pool that funds projects all over the province.

Competitors in Sunday’s enduro will be meeting at the lower chalet around 9:30 a.m. for pre-race meetings, with races beginning at 11 a.m. and wrapping up around 12:30 p.m.

Registration is still open, and to do so and for more information on the Sask Enduro Series, be sure to visit them at or find them on Facebook by clicking right here.