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Riverview Collegiate gets fit at Personal Wellness Conference

Plans in works for third conference
Dance Fitness with Kyra
Dance Fitness with Kyra had students working up a sweat as they enjoyed dancing and working out. (Sasha-Gay Lobban)

Creating awareness about personal wellness is an important goal at Riverview Collegiate.

On Wednesday, December 5, all students at the school got an opportunity to learn the importance of personal wellness and its benefits while having fun at the same time.

Student support staff at the school hosted a Personal Wellness Conference which took place throughout the day, engaging grades 9 to 12 students in an activity-filled day, focusing on their personal well-being.

They were grouped into four sessions; two information-based and the others activity based. The sessions were led by local volunteers who passed on first-hand information to students and conducted active sessions which included workouts, dancing and general fun activities. The four different sessions were Dance Fitness with Kyra, which had students dancing up a storm while working out; My Own Worst Enemy Fitness with Brandi doing Pound Fitness, which featured workouts with drumsticks and two different information sessions on personal wellness strategies led by Prairie South School Division #210 personnel.

Heather Miller, Student Support Teacher at Riverview Collegiate said the overall goal of the conference is to create awareness of different ways to be healthy; making healthy choices, how to cope under stressful situations and having an active lifestyle. “One of our learning improvement teams is focusing on personal wellness, healthy coping strategies and general wellness for students. This conference is a way of bringing that into focus. It has been well received by the students and everyone has been enjoying themselves while learning at the same time,” Miller said. “Our main goal is to promote personal activities through healthy activity-led sessions as well as information sessions. We loved that the students enjoyed the sessions. It was really fun for them because it is not just learning in a classroom setting but more of a relaxed, fun session which allowed them to do high energy activities.”


My Own Worst Enemy Fitness My Own Worst Enemy Fitness with Brandi doing Pound Fitness. (Sasha-Gay Lobban)

Student, Sasha Hleck, grade 12 student at Riverview said she appreciated the awareness the activities brought to personal wellness, especially when it comes to managing stress. “The sessions we engaged in were really good. They provided us with pointers on how to cope with stress, one of the main topics that was highlighted. I think we’re taught about it throughout our whole high school experience but now that talking about it is becoming more of a popular thing, everyone is recognizing more often how to deal with stress and these sessions, especially the information sessions that bring it into more focus,” she said. “I think it is great for the school to make this effort to do this because it is good for us to be educated and know what to do if we’re ever in a situation where we’d need to use these skills. I think it’s just good skills to know throughout life and to know how to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.”

Riverview Collegiate will be hosting another Personal Conference in spring next year.


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