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Red Mood Road: “It’s a fun, eclectic and full sound.”

Lead vocalist Sheena Rattai promises an entertaining night of banjo-driven musicianship to those in the audience for Red Moon Road.
L-R: Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner, Sheena Rattai, Daniel Jordan. (supplied by Red Moon Road.)

Red Moon Road will be gracing the stage of the Mae Wilson Theatre on Mar.12, and those in the audience can expect big things from the Winnipeg folk trio.

Sheen Rattai and the two Daniels — Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner and Daniel Jordan — have been playing together since 2012 and have been on this latest tour for about two weeks, stopping at small towns across the province as organized by the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Council.

“We just love playing in all the little communities, these smaller communities that we would've never otherwise been able to visit, probably, and seeing all their theatres,” said Rattai. “It's just a really beautiful thing, to see people come together around live performances and support their local arts scene.”

The trio’s music is best described as rootsy bluegrass and approaches traditional folk storytelling with a Canadiana style, and the interesting instrumentation is as compelling as the lyrics — “interesting” as in a banjo, a mandolin, a drum kit split between two people, an acoustic guitar rigged to also be a bass and three-part harmonies that give Red Moon Road and impressively large sound for a trio.

The band finds great importance in storytelling, and so they promise that their audiences will be a part of that journey with them at every show.

“We do a lot of kind of setting the scene for every song. We love for our concert experiences to be kind of a journey for people, that they actually kind of come with us through these experiences and these stories, and all of that,” said Rattai.

The band released their third album “Sorrows & Glories” about three years ago, and Rattai recommended to check out their track “Seasons,” which features a string quartet, as well as the track “Breathing Slow,” written by Peloquin-Hopfner.

“[‘Breathing Slow’] talks a little bit about coming from a small town and wanting to go to the big city, and never really losing your roots, and knowing where you came from, so that's a good one,” said Rattai.

She also admitted that this tour is featuring some new music that they have in the works.

“Actually, we've been writing a bunch of new stuff, so they can also expect some brand new material that's never been released yet that we're road testing,” said Rattai. “We have an album in the works in the future, and they'll be able to get a little sampling of the direction we're going in moving forward.”

Red Moon Road is excited to be playing in Moose Jaw at the Mae Wilson Theatre, as they’ve passed by before but never had the chance to stop in the city, and they always take time to get to know the community they’re playing in.

“We look forward to talking to people after the show and getting to know the people in the town that are coming out to see us, so we look forward to meeting them,” said Rattai.

Tickets for the show are available through the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre’s website, as well as at the box office.