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RCMP reminding boaters about alcohol rules

The Saskatchewan RCMP, Ministry of Environment and SGI have teamed up to keep boaters safe
(Photo courtesy Saskatchewan RCMP)

If you are planning on heading out onto the water this long weekend, be sure to stay safe and follow the rules.

Saskatchewan RCMP, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment and SGI have teamed up to remind boaters about the dangers and consequences of operating a boat while impaired. 

Saskatchewan RCMP officers from in and around resort and lake communities spend a lot of time on the water patrolling to ensure everyone is boating safely and following provincial regulations. Ministry Conservation Officers conduct regular boat patrols to check anglers and are frequently asked about consuming alcohol while operating the boat or as a passenger. 

Please note that, because boats are considered a public place, open liquor is not allowed for anyone on the boat. This includes both operators and passengers. This also applies to pontoon boats. Alcohol is only permitted for passengers on houseboats that have plumbed-in sewage, cooking, and sleeping facilities. The houseboat must be moored to a permanent mooring structure, dock, or land. 

Both the RCMP and Ministry Conservation Officers have the authority to enforce alcohol regulations.  

If you see someone you suspect is impaired by alcohol and/or drugs, contact your local police agency or 911.

More information on safe boating practices is available on the Transport Canada website