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Police awards ceremony recognizes members, Moose Jaw residents

In recognition of the selfless efforts of individuals who took steps to improve the quality of life for everyone in the community, the Moose Jaw Police Service held its yearly awards ceremony on the afternoon of May 29

MOOSE JAW — In recognition of the selfless efforts of individuals who took steps to improve the quality of life for everyone in the community, the Moose Jaw Police Service (MJPS) held its yearly awards ceremony to recognize those who have gone above and beyond, and whose efforts may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

The awards ceremony took place at the Moose Jaw Public Library’s theatre on the afternoon of May 29.

“We are gathered here today to recognize individuals within the community and the police service who have worked together to make Moose Jaw a safer and better place to live,” announced Jay-D Haughton, the MJPS’s public information and strategic communications manager.

The annual ceremony hosted by the MJPS is dedicated to the recognition of individuals and officers who have worked to make the community an overall better place to live. Each award is presented in recognition of individual contributions to community safety, engagement, and for the promotion of positive behaviours.

The ceremony opened with a recognition of past board members who served on the board of police commissioners. Darrell Markin was recognized for five years of service, Kim Robinson was recognized for one year in 2023, and Mary Lee Booth – who was absent – served for five years and was chair of the board in 2023.

Four retirees were honoured including Robert Heath and Stanley Koch who were absent, Todd Booth who served for 34 years, and Devon Oleniuk who served for just under 34 years.

Seven members of the MJPS received promotions including Randell Boechler, Sheldon MacNaughton, and Chad Scheske to staff sergeant and Ryan Lawrence, Dionne Milleker, Josh MacNaughton, and Jason Watt to sergeant.

The Teamwork Award was presented to several members of the MJPS including members of the Criminal Investigation Section for their part in removing $400,000 worth of Fentanyl from the streets after investigating a home invasion on Sept. 13, 2023.

Members who received the Teamwork Award included: Const. Murray Rice, Const. Evan Schwabe, Const. Jeremy Anderson, Const. Kalie Seidlitz, Sgt. Josh MacNaughton, Const. Branden Hoggins, Const. Gradyn Childerhose, Const. Aaron Woods, Sgt. Dionne Milleker, Sgt. Myles Coghlin, Const. Jordan Lonsberry, Const. Brad Sukenik, Const. Ryan Lundquist, and Const. Austin Abbott.

The Community Building Awards were presented to Dr. Nick Carleton, Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos, Dr. Nick Jones, Dr. Leslie-Anne Keown, Donna King, Dr. Chris Yost, the John Howard Society, Sherryn Boszak, Rob Carnie, Ken Hawkes, Darcia Hojenski, Camron Howe, Kelly McElree, and Viola Reaman.

The John Howard Society believes every person has intrinsic value and members were recognized with the Community Building Award for its work establishing the Willow Lodge shelter, which provided a safe place and meals to vulnerable members of the community.

The Community Building Award was also presented to members of the 800 CHAB Family-First Radiothon, who this year alone helped raise $229,000 in support of the Moose Jaw Health Foundation.

Innovation Awards were presented to Sgt. Josh MacNaughton and Staff Sgt. Sheldon MacNaughton for their role in creating the Internet Child Exploitation Unit, and to Staff Sgt. Taylor Elder and Const. Rod Zoerb for their role in creating the Tactical Response Team.

The Chief’s Commendation Award was presented to Const. Shawn Mohle and Saskatchewan Health Authority member Tanya Morland for saving the life of a suicidal male in March.

As well, the Chief’s Commendation Award was presented to Const. Alanna Coghill, Const. Amanda Johnston, and Const. Heino Izaaks for their role in keeping the communications centre running during a period of significant staffing shortages earlier in 2023.

Resident Lynda Thome also received the Chief’s Commendation Award for her role in saving the life of a suicidal woman on June 7, 2023.

“This is always one of my favourite days of the year, when we get to recognize some really outstanding people that have dome really exceptional work,” Bourassa said in his closing remarks.

“I want to congratulate all the recipients, but more importantly, on behalf of the Moose Jaw Police Service, I want to thank you for making our world a better place than it was before you got here. Thank you so much.”

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