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Philthy Philly’s announces their grand opening from June 9 – 11, 2023

This weekend check out the grand opening event at Philthy Philly’s restaurant in Moose Jaw. Founded by two young entrepreneurs, their focus is Canadian cuisine and Philadelphia-inspired cheesesteaks.

Philthy Philly’s has announced their grand opening, scheduled for the weekend of June 9 – 11. 

The establishment has been open for around three months prior to the formal announcement. “We put off the grand opening for a long time, like for over 3 months, until we perfected everything in there and our staff is good and said they can handle lots of customers,” explained Jay, co-owner of Philthy Philly’s.

Rajdeep and Jay are close friends who met in school, and now they are both owners of Philthy Philly’s in Moose Jaw.

“Back home we studied together, in grades 11 and 12,” they explained. “We took the same course back home, and that’s why we planned to go forward with the same course here.

“We were planning it from the start. If we were going to start something, then we were going to start it together.”

Both Rajdeep and Jay are originally from Gujarat, India, and came to Canada to pursue their dream in 2018. From there, Jay studied in Ontario while Rajdeep continued his studies in Manitoba before they both met up again in Yorkton, SK, to conclude the course. 

While pursuing their studies in Canada, they each worked in the restaurant industry to gain experience and kept vigilant in the search for new ideas and the ideal location to start. After some time, they came across Philthy Philly’s and knew this was the right option.

On reviewing the market, they both agreed that Moose Jaw is the ideal location. 

“We have been living in Saskatchewan for almost 5 - 6 years. Moose Jaw is a growing city… a bigger version of Yorkton, and so many nice people. We love Saskatchewan,” said Jay. They took note that Moose Jaw did not yet have an established Philly cheesesteak-focused option. 

Philthy Philly’s is a franchise, but individual locations can customize their menu with corporate approval.

“We can make a request to our franchise; we are open to do that. If you want to introduce something new, like something local that is famous up here, then we can introduce that in our menu.

“We keep trying to grow our menu. So, we get reviews from customers, like ‘you should have that,’ and we try to get those items to fit in our menu.

“So far, our menu is too big. We always have choices for the customers. If they don’t like one particular thing, they can just check out different kinds of meat… everyone can try it out, not just the one specific person who likes one particular thing.

“We have cheesesteak, poutines, burgers, appetizers, cakes, desserts — we’ve got everything in there.”

They gave one example of an item they already customized. “The most popular (item) we have is the cheesesteak. That (inspiration) is from Philadelphia in the US. 

“We make it like our community likes it, how Moose Jaw likes it,” explained Jay. Rajdeep added: “The traditional Philly cheesesteak is soggy. They mix the meat and bread and everything and eat it with a spoon or fork, but here, people don’t like it. They like the bread crispy, and that is why we always ask. We do little changes according to how they like it.”

The grand opening for the Moose Jaw Philthy Philly’s location takes place over the weekend of June 9 – 11, 2023.

“We have a deal for the grand opening: buy one Philly cheesesteak (with a coupon) and get the second one for free. This will run for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

“Even after the grand opening we have coupons… This will run from June 12 after our grand opening to August 31, 2023. So, they can give us a coupon and get all those deals.”

The restaurant has already received a lot of good feedback from customers, and as of June 9 holds a 4.9 rating on Google. They mentioned that Moose Jaw has given them a very warm and welcoming reception and they are both very glad to have chosen our community to start their careers. 

To give them a warm welcome to our community and try something new this weekend, the number for Philthy Philly’s is 306-972-8881

For dine-in or pick-up, Philthy Philly’s is located at 345 Main St. N., across from Subway and Joe’s Place.

Philthy Philly’s is also available to order on the Skip the Dishes app. See you there!

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