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Pharmacies set to begin delivering COVID-19 vaccines by end of April

Pharmacies will begin delivering COVID-19 vaccines on April 26, with priority focus on pharmacy and grocery staff
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Pharmacists across Saskatchewan will begin delivering COVID-19 vaccines before the end of the month, making vaccination more readily available to the public and to staff in pharmacy facilities. 

Pharmacies are set to start delivering vaccines the week of April 26, with a priority focus on immunizing pharmacy and grocery staff who work in facilities where vaccines are offered due to the increased risk of exposure. 

"As pharmacies begin delivering the COVID-19 vaccine, we know there will be an increased risk of exposure to those frontline staff working in those facilities," said Health Minister Paul Merriman, in a press release. "By making the COVID-19 vaccine available to staff working in the pharmacy or attached grocery spaces through the pharmacists delivering the vaccine, these workers will be protected."

General public access to vaccines at pharmacies will follow the same age-based sequence as public health clinics have been following. 

Pharmacists will require proof of employment for those working in the facilities where vaccines are being delivered, and pharmacy and grocery staff will be able to receive their vaccine in the facility where they work.

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