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Northern Fallout set to release debut album

A CD release show will be held on March 30
northern fallout handout
Northern Fallout. From left to right: Dan Hayward, Dave Calvert, Ron Ponto, Brendon Francis, Chris Hunter and Aaron Anderson. (Handout photo)

It has been a long road to get to this point, but local band Northern Fallout will soon release their debut album. The band is holding a CD release party at Chillers on Saturday, March 30.

The venue will no doubt be packed full of family, friends, and fans.

“We know any time we play that we are going to have a full house,” said guitarist Chris Hunter. “People come out to support us, and some don’t even really care for the type of music that we play; they come out because they know us and want to support us.”

The band started in 2014. They were originally known as Perpetua but discovered there was a similar band in Scotland with the same name. A change was needed and they eventually settled on Northern Fallout.

The band is excited to finally have an album to share with others.

“It is basically all of the songs we have written over the last five years as a band. It took us a year and a half to record it and get the final product. We are really proud of it. It is 10 songs that really express our different influences,” said vocalist Dan Hayward.

“That is one thing that excites me about finally releasing this product — it won’t just be a local thing, we will have something that can push out further,” said Hunter. “Except for our couple of singles, nobody has really heard us, aside from the people in southern Saskatchewan where we travel and do our shows. Everything we have worked for is now going to become a product that we can market.”

Getting to this point has taken a lot of hard work. Hayward spent 15 years as a solo acoustic artist. As you might expect, it is a much different experience transitioning to a metal band.

“Writing the songs, the first couple came quite easily, but I couldn’t perform them properly. I was using everything from pudding or anything thick to coat my throat so I could scream. But I wasn’t doing it properly and it would show, because we would go through three songs and my voice would be shot for two days after that,” said Hayward. “Eventually, something just kind of clicked.”

The show will prove to be a crowd pleaser.

“Expect your ears to be ringing. It is a loud, fast paced, and aggressive experience,” said Hayward. “We practice as much as we can to be good live. I’ve always been really disappointed when you go see a band live and they just suck live because they did too much on the album production wise. We really wanted to steer clear of that. We feel the album should sound like the performance.”

The album will be available on all major streaming platforms, as well as iTunes. Physical copies will be available at the show while supplies last.

The show will also feature SaintVicious and Sing the Body Electric.

The doors open at 8 and the show will start at 9 p.m. There is a $10 admission, which includes a free Northern Fallout t-shirt while supplies lasts.

Visit ReverbNation for more information on Northern Fallout, or follow the band on Facebook.

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