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Mulberry Estates offers a short-term stay program for older adults

To help accommodate older adults who need a temporary place to stay after a surgery or other life event, Mulberry Estates offers a short-term stay program with all the benefits its permanent residents enjoy

Mulberry Estates is a care home providing exceptional care for adults over the age of 55, and all residents can stay at the home on a permanent basis. In some cases, however, many individuals find themselves needing only a temporary space to hang their hat before they can return home.

As a solution to this problem, Mulberry Estates offers an additional short-term stay program.

“If somebody needs a short-term stay because of medical reasons, (or) maybe they just need a break from life (or) had a household emergency that they can’t stay at their house for, they’re welcome to stay here for whatever amount of time they need,” explained Tricia Oblander, the marketing manager at Mulberry Estates.

The short-term stay can happen for any amount of time. According to Oblander, some who use the program aren’t fully aware of just how long they will need to stay, and this uncertainty can be accommodated without a problem.

If the stay is intended to be less than one month, the home charges a daily fee and there’s no penalty for checking out early as it operates on a day-to-day basis in this scenario.

“This also includes all the food, housekeeping, basic cable TV, Wi-Fi in our common areas, activities, shuttle services – all of it is included as though you were a regular resident,” she confirmed.

All suites offered in the program come fully furnished, so all you need to bring for a temporary stay is your personal items such as clothing and a toothbrush.

The longest anyone has stayed at Mulberry in Moose Jaw has been less than a year so far, and Oblander said a few people prefer at a warmer venue down south during the winter and reside at the home for up to six months when they return.

To apply for the temporary stay program, prospective residents still need to be over the age of 55, as per the home’s guidelines. That said, Oblander noted that adjustments are possible for younger individuals looking to join the program.

“I know there’s lots of younger, single people that live on their own and maybe they’ve had surgery and can’t do the cooking and cleaning. They can come and stay for that temporary time as well.”

The best advice is to call ahead to inquire about your eligibility.

A temporary stay at Mulberry Estates could be a good option when personal safety, good meals, and a necessary break from household chores is an important consideration.

“It’s better for people to have that communication with people instead of just being lonely at home, (and) nutritious meals are better for their mental and physical self as well. We’re just here to help in any way we can.”

For more information or to apply for the short-term stay program at Mulberry Estates, simply give Oblander a call at 306-694-5020.

Mulberry Estates is located at 220 Mulberry Lane and visitor’s parking is available in the south-facing lot.

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