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Moose Jaw Gamers Association (MJGA) donates to Creative Kids

$5,000 donation to help underprivileged children access cultural and artistic experiences

Moose Jaw Gamers Association (MJGA) made a donation of $5,000 to Creative Kids to help underprivileged children access cultural and artistic experiences.

“(The GAX events) were pretty much a chance just to get out, be nerds and donate more money to a good cause,” Brooks Nancarrow, president of Moose Jaw Gamers Association, said. “Funds were raised through their summer and winter GAX events and additional miscellaneous donations from the attendees."

Moose Jaw Gaming Expo (GAX) began when a group of people got together to play video games. The group used to hangout in a basement to play, but as more people started coming, the group required a larger venue so they started renting halls and raising money from their events. Through an accumulation of funds, the organization began donating to community charities.

“Someone piped up and said, donate it to a kid’s charity in town,” Nancarrow said.  

“We are really happy that we partnered with organizations such as the MJGA and raised those funds locally,” Gloria Walsh, manager of Creative Kids Saskatchewan, said. “We won’t have to keep saying no because of lack of funds.”

She said that all these funds will be allocated to the children in Moose Jaw who would like to partake in cultural or artistic endeavours but don’t have the financial means. Creative Kids provide up to $750 per child per year so they can help as many kids as possible. Walsh said sometimes these funds are not enough, so they look for other ways to subsidize. 

“Dance class is very expensive,” she said.  

Creative Kids is a charitable organization that provides opportunities for children ages four  to 19 who want to participate in arts and culture but do not have the financial means.  

Walsh has been managing the Creative Kids program for over six years. Her past experience includes working with Saskatchewan Government organizations and ministries over a 20-year period. “I am proud to be part of an organization that provides to the community,” she said.

“We want to see you thrive; we want to see you succeed in life,” Talon Regent, vice-president of the Moose Jaw Gamers Association said. “We hope our contribution will allow you to engage in the arts and the creative sector so that you can let your imagination soar and enjoy your youth.”

Regent said MJGA worked with many sponsors to make this donation possible: Sasktel Pioneers, Moosenet Computer Services, SaskTel, Déjà Vu, Dairy Queen, SaskCulture, and Moose Jaw Cultural Centre are their primary sponsors. He said MJGA's boots-on-the-ground volunteers approach individual companies and explain the community’s passion for art, culture, video gaming and other fun interactive activities. They also discuss safe environments for the kids in the creative process.

“We both (MJGA and Creative Kids) are trying to help people to engage with our local culture and arts safely and richly,” said Regent.  

At the end of the ceremony, Walsh presented a Creative Kids orange T-shirt to Regent in appreciation.  

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