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Meta Cannabis Supply Co. launches in Moose Jaw

The store is part of a national network that offers secure, safe, and responsible access to legal cannabis

Moose Jaw is now part of Canada’s largest cannabis brand family.

Earlier today, National Access Cannabis (NAC), unveiled its 10th Meta Cannabis Supply Co. store in Moose Jaw. It is located at 602 Main St. North. This property was formerly known as New Leaf Emporium prior to being purchased by NAC earlier this year.

This is the first Meta-branded store in the province and the first to be located outside of Manitoba. NAC also operates another 14 stores in Alberta under the brand NewLeaf Cannabis.

Matt Ryan, VP of marketing for NAC, says it is an exciting day for Meta as the brand expands into Saskatchewan. 

Ryan adds they have built the brand on “safe and responsible” access to cannabis. That means making sure customers know what they are buying. This is where the store’s ‘friendly guides’ are able to help.

“If you are of legal age in the province you now have a retail outlet if you are living in Moose Jaw to come and meet our friendly guides. We call our staff people ‘friendly guides’ because they guide people through their journey of selecting cannabis and cannabis-related products. They do this in a friendly and inclusive way,” said Matt Ryan, VP of marketing for NAC.  

“What we mean by that is it doesn’t matter if you are a cannabis aficionado or if you are novice in the space and have never tried it before — our friendly guides are there to help you and figure out what you need. Some customers know exactly what they want and they want to be in and out quickly. We offer that type of experience as well. But we have really focused a lot of attention on training our staff to be as educated as possible.”

Ryan says customers will find it to be an enjoyable and educational shopping experience.

“The Meta brand was created to be innovative in our design in the look and feel of our stores, coupled with the vibe of the music you hear in our stores and the vibe of our people. When you walk into a store it is supposed to feel different. It is supposed to feel like an educational environment, but done in a really cool way…Come into our store and feel like part of our community. Meet our people, meet our friendly guides, shop around, and enjoy the space.”

Ryan says adds what is really exciting is that customers will be able to access the new online store. Meta offers same-day delivery via Pineapple Express. You can also order through Purolator. 

The e-shop will go live on Saturday. 

Ryan says there is a great demand for cannabis and related products.

“We are seeing a lot of repeat customers. And we are seeing that the demographics and psychographics of people who are coming into our stores is extremely broad. We are seeing people who are on the cusp of legal age to 55-plus, and everything in between. We are seeing regular customers who see us often. We are also seeing a fairly balanced split between men and women.”

Meta Cannabis Supply Co. is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, and from noon to 8 p.m. on Sundays.

More information and the online store are available at

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