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Mayoral candidate Q&A: Heather Eby

Mayoral candidate Heather Eby's responses to a Jaw Express questionnaire.
Eby election
Heather Eby.

The Moose Jaw Express/ sent out a questionnaire to each of the candidates running to be the next mayor of Moose Jaw. We will be publishing these results in order they were received.

The mayoral byelection is set for Wednesday, Nov. 3.  

What would be your top priority as mayor? 

We will be heading into budget within the first month so that will be priority. Reviewing budget and then making good decisions throughout the process. I hope to see more discussion and debate during this year’s budget meetings now that we are into the second year of our term. Each councillor has one or more things they would like to see added or addressed in this budget and I think it is important for us to do that. 

What would you like to accomplish or see happen in your first 100 days?

I would like to see us get back up to full strength of seven members of council so we can get back to work without the weight of an impending election and more change hanging over us. I would like to have budget finalized in a timely fashion, preferably by year’s end.

How can city council be more transparent in its decision making? 

We discuss everything possible in public so if you are asking if we will have fewer in-camera meetings, the answer is, only if there are fewer confidential items that fall under the LAFOIP (privacy act). As your mayor I will always be accessible and willing to answer any reasonable and answerable questions. 

What do you think about city council spending more on projects than it budgeted for this year? 

If projects went over budget those changes would have been approved by council and would have been necessary for the proper completion of said project. I am pleased with the large amount of capital projects that were done this year and think that getting work done is progress. 

What do you think about council using surplus account — such as the accumulated account — to pay for unexpected expenses? 

That is what the accumulated surplus is there for. However, I am not always in favour of the things that have been paid for out of that account. To me it is an emergency fund and I don’t like to see it depleted more than necessary. 

Do you think that community beautification initiatives are necessary and should be spent out of surplus funds?

I do think community beautification is necessary, however, it should be a budgeted program and not done out of surplus funds. 

Your job is to represent everyone in the city. How do you plan to represent people who do not vote for you?

I will represent them exactly the same way I will represent my supporters. I don’t even know how I could represent them differently. That’s not an option. 

What issue doesn’t receive enough attention in Moose Jaw?

Litter. I think we should be doing a much better job as a city and as a community keeping our entire city clean. 

What issue receives too much attention?

The perceived lack of transparency from city council. I have been there since 2009 and we have always been accused of having secret meetings; this is simply untrue.

What informs your political stance?

I’m the least political politician you will meet. My stance on issues is based on what makes sense for the majority. 

What is something people don’t know about you?

I love to wake surf and have gotten pretty good at it!