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Level Up 2019 has leveled up to “free”

Battle-hardened warriors and fledgling adventurers alike are welcome to Riverview’s tabletop day — no experience points necessary
gaming dice
Pack your 20-sided dice — or don’t, because there will definitely be some there to use.

Riverview’s first gaming convention, which will be held Apr. 13, is getting some attention; recent sponsorship has made the event free to attend, and there will still be all the tabletop fun promised.

Janice Lamb — organizer and teacher at Riverview, and avid gamer herself — is pleased to have received sponsorship from a few schools in the city that is allowing the event to get rid of the registration fees, since so many enthusiastic volunteers have stepped forward to help facilitate the games.

“I will say that Moose Jaw Gamers Association, MJGA, has been very helpful in helping us to get this to run, and a big thanks to both Peacock and Riverview who are kicking in to help make this a free event for students in the city,” said Lamb.

She added that any other interest in sponsorship is more than welcome, and she’s so far heard a lot of excitement from students about the event. Registration is still highly encouraged, as it helps the organizers plan the sessions properly.

“We'd like them to register because we need to know how many people to set up tournaments for, and how many game masters we need for various role-playing games or any other tabletop games that need a facilitator — so we know how many people to ask and how many volunteers to ring,” said Lamb.

Registration is done through the convention’s website,, which is also where a more detailed list of the events taking place that day can be found. Lamb promises a variety of options: board games, tabletop roleplaying games, Magic the Gathering tournaments, workshops, and even a cosplay contest.

“We are hosting an interscholastic Magic the Gathering tournament. It is in cube format, and so we're trying to see which of the four high schools in Moose Jaw has the best Magic the Gathering players,” said Lamb. “And we've got a Magic the Gathering open tournament for whoever wants to join, and that is in commander format.”

The workshops — Intro to Cosplay, Writing for Role Play, and Painting Minis 101 — are free to attend, although the minis workshop has a fee of $10, as students will be able to keep the two minis they create.

The role-playing sessions will have pre-generated characters, so those who may be new to the game can have no fear; dice sets and other materials will be provided.

“They are more than welcome to bring their own dice and any games that they want to bring along, but we will be providing dice and games at each of our tables. . . For the role-playing games, a lot of them are — for Dungeon's and Dragons specifically — player-handbook only or are pre-generated characters,” said Lamb. “And those who are in the game already will know what that means, and those who aren't can just come and have fun, and we'll teach them how.”

The idea is to spread the joy of tabletop however possible, and Lamb is excited about the day.

“It is a tremendous amount of fun, and those who are involved with it are already very excited to introduce it to anybody who’s new. We've got lots of people on hand to teach games, and it's going to be a tremendously fun event,” said Lamb.

The event will run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Riverview Collegiate. Students are asked to register as soon as possible.

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