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Letter to the Editor: Salute to Unsung Heroes

A letter to the editor from Kerwin Maude

Distinguished honour and salutes to the forest firefighters, military personnel, 911 staff, homeowners, strangers, volunteers, reservists, community groups, aviators and others who help combat our annual forest fires and other disasters. To those brave folks who fight a merciless foe, thank you for your stamina, duty, courage, sacrifices and more.

Our leaders need to focus on our own needs rather than costly immutable support to others afar with their sense of entitlement. We've yet to rebuild parts of Lytton, Fort MacMurray, devastated areas in the Maritimes and many other locations throughout the country.

Bravo for a few to help us like Mexico, NZ, USA and Australia to show mutual goodwill as Canada helps so many abroad. To those who donated food, money, clothing or their time and permitted our displaced Canucks to stay in their homes, good karma to you! Climate threat is here despite the naysayers and the news is not fake. Nations spend crazy money on chasing the stars, foreign aid and distant wars while the threat is in our backyard. Heroes come in many forms including essential service workers and resilient people facing an uphill battle. We cannot control lightning strikes but fires caused by carelessly preventable human activity needs tough consequences including hefty fines and long jail time. To those unsung heroes herein, you have angel's wings...

Kerwin Maude, b.a.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication. 

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